Uneven dyeing stretch leggings long pants <Brown White>

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Uneven dyeing stretch leggings long pants &lt;Brown White&gt;


Blue Waters of stretch leggings pants who can wear fashionable from town use to relax! Though is not wearing one of such stress-free best of comfort. Work-holiday-travel, pants perfect for all needs. This stretch leggings pants repeater after another is a long-selling model, especially popular among the Blue Waters pants! The comfort of the good we do not know only to people wearing! It is sure to become a repeater! ● V-shaped put it comfortably Preeminent wear have West becomes V-shaped! It is very easy because not tighten. Enjoy the fit of the best in the super stretch material, it is the comfort that does not bother even wearing all day. ● hem feet clean, narrow style! ! Blue Waters of leggings pants is made to think to wear in town use in the main, evolving many times, the best of leggings pants It was completed. It is stress-free pants put it in very fashionable. Pants made even want to wear every day in a relaxed time in play even at work. ● you brush long with a solid fabric luxurious! ! Blue Waters of leggings pants is we use only high-quality fabric with a firm thickness. Peace of mind to the serving wearing long, of course, and finished in a classy pants. Sewing also to deliver the only thing that was clear to stringent inspection. ● reputation and style look good! ! Style looks good and the reputation of Blue Waters Stretch pants are evolving many times, in accordance with the forms of the Japanese, The most easy to wear, was made to think so as to be beautiful silhouette. In Therefore, very beautiful silhouette when wearing Since the wear can reputation and style looks good. 【size】 Waist: about 60cm ~ 80cm Rise: about 22cm Inseam: about 70cm Hem: about 11cm Material: Rayon 90% Polyurethane 10% [With respect to the size] Because it is a very elastic high stretch fabrics, It adapts towards the wide range of sizes in one size. <Is the size of Japan and up to about No. 9 - No. 13> In addition, the size you have notation is an error of 1 ~ 2cm Please note that there is a certain case. About our shop of hand-dyed products] ● uneven dyeing products are some of the bleeding and dyed the way, there is also the color tone is slightly different. Since the dyed in every single hand which is also I would appreciate your understanding and homemade taste. In addition, the attitude of the pattern by way of the cut there might be different from the image, but not Please note. On the time of purchase that I received your understanding of the point of here, please purchase. About polyurethane] Polyurethane stretch fabric will stretch enough to surprise and get wet in the water. Just dry if you so please do not worry neatly return to its original shape. If you are surprised to much of the growth the way when the wash is in the customer also How can often, Since this is a feature of the polyurethane material there is no problem in the commodity. [How to Care] The first wash because there is a possibility to lose color thank you wash your hands as much as possible in the water. Your laundry in the washing machine to be fall color is also available. If it is possible to dry flat shaping up, there is a nature to return to its original shape. Your use of the iron should refrain from it can cause shrinkage of the fabric. Care is also available and love very easy ♪ long. [For color] This site has been made in Windows. We are trying to issue a color as close as possible in the image, but the color of the product photos by monitors have your tail will vary slightly. Also in the condition per the nature and light fabrics will have slightly different. Please understand to some extent of the difference. Since I have accepted any time you have any questions, etc. even please feel free ♪ [Notes on the wear] The Lycra material of the product not suitable for sport to write a large amount of sweat in such weak hot yoga in water. Please avoid wear in the wet or moisture remaining state. [Other notes] Our stretch pants use the same type of pattern cut, we do the sewing. However, there is a slight difference in the fabric of the thickness and the expansion and contraction (stretch feeling) by the fabric of the availability situation. In addition, such as the texture of the dough for each product by the difference of the dye to process or use to dye the fabric might be different. Although all our shop of stretch pants We use high-quality polyurethane fabric We ask that you give your understanding as the nature of the product regard to the point here. Origin / production method Origin Bali handmade


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