Silk · rayon pattern _ 4 · tree plant dyeing (log wood) long stall

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1~3 日
Silk · rayon pattern _ 4 · tree plant dyeing (log wood) long stall


It is a silk long stall of vegetable dyeing, hand-dyed one by one. (Rayon is overlapped only on the part of the handle)

The part of the plant pattern is rayon so it got dyed a little brighter.

The fabric of the ground is silk chiffon, but the handle part is very smooth, so it reflects the light according to the angle. The part where the cloth overlapped looked dark in color, rich in change, it became a very deep stole.

Because it is silk chiffon, it is lighter, soft and gentle touch.

The width is about 44 cm, the length is about 177 cm. 36 g. I dyed it with log wood.

Plant dyeing is refined before dyeing (depending on the dough to boil, to avoid unevenness, to wash the glue or wash well with a detergent for dyeing), pretreatment (make cotton / hemp easy to dye), under Dye and dye the main dyeing → washing → mordanting → book dyeing and so on, when it gets a good color, wash until color disappears, color stop, finish with fragrance softener.

It takes time and effort, but it is also attractive that "body dyeing" will calm down calmly when you wear it, your body will be pleased.

Plant pigment is not contained in one plant, but it has hidden dyes that are expressed depending on plant part and timing.

I hope you will enjoy the depth of color due to such synergistic effect.

A chic hue that makes an adult woman feel soft, it will color the neck softly.

Silk is super fiber with high "UV protection effect" and "protective effect" of the skin. Please use throughout the year.

Ideal for gifts! Gift wrapping is available free of charge. Feel free to contact us in dealings Nabis.

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Width: Approximately 44 cm
Length: about 177 cm
Material: silk, rayon overlaps only on the handle part.
Dye: Log Wood
Production area / production method
Japan / hand made


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