Onyx and Mother of Pearl Dusky Tassel Earrings or Earrings

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Onyx and Mother of Pearl Dusky Tassel Earrings or Earrings


Along with the natural stone "Onyx" which stabilizes the center axis of myself and "Mother of Pearl" known as a child-rearing amulet that symbolizes prosperity as a childbirth prosperity, we hope that fortune will continue for a long time Purple tassel I made one earring (or earring). The combination of onyx and mother of pearl is very compatible, enhances the quality of communication among families, strengthens family ties. Moreover, it is also very recommended as a charm of child rearing. 【onyx】 Onyx is a stone that firmly stabilizes its own central axis and is a stone that guides you to take action on your feet steadily to realize your goal. Also, it is a stone that gives you perseverance and strength of intention to go forward without giving up on painful scenes and hardships that you will live many times in your life, so if you are a difficult exerciser, such as an athlete, who is on a diet, It is recommended for those who want to have the intention to shake off their troubles. Onyx who supports to accomplish what he decided without giving up is also called a symbol of success. It is especially recommended for those who want to achieve. Onyx is said to be a stone to keep the happiness of the couple because it suppresses the undulation of the emotion in a bad meaning. ★ Onyx effect ★ · Mental strength · Strength of will · Enhancement of exercise capacity · Balance of mind and body · Symbol of success · Husband's happiness, stability · It is not swept around · Strengthening patience · · · etc. 【Mother of Pearl】 Mother-of-pearl symbolizes prosperity and is used more and more as an amulet for child rearing, it is also a symbol of birth and reproduction. It brings out the inner charm, gentleness, charity as a woman, enhances maternal love and watches child rearing. Moreover, it is said that there is an action that gently wraps the injured heart and heals it. Besides that, it is also said that it will give peace to stabilize the spirit and the action to enhance the potential ability. ★ Mother of Pearl effect ★ · Child-raising amulets · Strengthen family ties · Increase the appeal of women Child treasure · Increase elements to be loved Accomplishment of love The combination of Onyx and Mother of Pearl increases the quality of communication between families and strengthens family ties. As an image, it helps to build a human relationship with a stance of respecting opponents and a moderation in a good sense, calm down the behavior such as amenity to a partner and selfishness, which is common in the human relationship of the smallest unit called a family I will. Moreover, it is also very recommended as a charm of child rearing. It is a good combination of both of my parents in my family. ★ Earring hardware (Screw spring type) can also be changed. Please inform me with a message when ordering. ★ Size: Length of about 9 cm ★ Material: Earring hardware: brass (plating processing) Tassel: cotton (cotton) Stone: Onyx, Mother of Pearl Glass Pearl ★ Bracket color: Gold 【Points to note when purchasing】 ※ Because we are producing by hand, there are also slightly different colors and shapes for each work and left and right earrings (or earrings). * The colors on the screen may differ from the actual ones. If you have any questions, please contact us. Production area / production method Origin: Japan Handmade


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