There ♪ Do the blue sky apron (indigo dyeing cotton) tomorrow weather

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atk 逛设计馆

1~3 日
There ♪ Do the blue sky apron (indigo dyeing cotton) tomorrow weather


The quality and smooth cotton apron was dyed in a refreshing light blue. One by one, is carefully apron of indigo, which was hand-dyed.
Length is about 77cm, hem width of about 77cm one-size-fits-all. Shoulder straps crossed at the back, because it has become a button to stop, according to the height, it is also possible to pay Transfer the position of the button. Waist, please to the ribbon tied at the back.

Because the fabric is also a little Shari sense, you can use comfortably. Pocket on both sides comes with two. So tired of simple design that does not come, it is cute even with the other small pin or brooch to around the chest.
In the clouds of the rainy season, such as the blue sky that except suddenly, now fresh apron.

◎ indigo insect repellent effect, bactericidal effect, heat insulation, heat dissipation effect, deodorizing effect, UV-cut effect, since ancient times, which are included, such as an anti-allergy effect, a number of phytochemicals (plant chemicals), used to help in the life and it has a "medicinal plants".

atk is aimed at "environment and people-friendly plant dyeing", for all of the natural dyes to handle, use the highest possible safety mordant, we are committed to taking out the original beautiful color plant.
Material: 100% cotton
Dye: India indigo
Kosomezai: Disupon 4ml
Size: Length: about 77cm × hem: about 77cm
Origin / production method
Origin: Japan / handmade, hand-dyed

※ washing with neutral detergent, we recommend a wash press lightly.
※ You Yes to color stop processing, but the plant dyeing is, there is a possibility of discoloration in your laundry. (At 0 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ much of lukewarm water or water) we hope in a single hand-washing.
※ take the moisture in the towel, and the shade stretched out wrinkles, it is clean as soon as dry material.
※ wash partial fir, detergent with bleach, use of washing machine, dryer, it will be the cause of discoloration, please avoid.
※ There is a case of citrus juice, is also a long time of direct sunlight is fading.
When the plant dyeing work a long period of time is not to be used ※ is, in a box or chest of drawers, put such as drying agents, insect repellents, it is safe and you'll accommodated.


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