Japanese Handmade 8-layer-gauze Baby Bib


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  • !!! The length around the neck is a bit smaller than others, about 26 cm. !!!

    Japanese Handmade 8-layer-gauze Baby Bib 【star】

    ゜. + ° Material ゜ +. ゜
    The front side: cotton 100% double gauze
    The back side: cotton 100% double gauze
    2 sheets of double gauze between the front and the back sides

    ゜. + ° Size ゜ +. °
    The length around the neck: approximately 26 cm
    The length under the neck: vertical approximately 11 cm, horizontal approximate 22 cm

    °. + ° Comment ° +. °
    This bib is made of 8-layer-gauze.
    · Excellent absorption for baby drool
    · Fast drying after washing
    · Soft touch to your baby's cheeks
    · The absolute fashionable pattern
    This bib is suitable suitable only for your own baby but also for your friends' babies
    As your gifts to them!

    The pair of snap buttons are made from plastic.
    You can use this button safely even if you have metal allergy.
    These plastic snaps are really weak for heat of iron.

    The bib in this picture is just a sample.
    Please note that the patterns are different one by one.
    Production place / Production method
    Japan / handmade
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Japanese Handmade 8-layer-gauze Baby Bib

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