Stoneware Square Plate (S) 10cm


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  • It is a plate according to the South Jing Ceramics Garden that specializes in production of the teapot.

    The best feature is its material.

    Pottery of Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture there is a south Jing Ceramics Garden, is called the Yorozufurusho (baked perpetuity). From the nature of the soil to use, have an excellent feature in heat resistance, teapot and pot-making by taking advantage of heat resistance is thriving.

    Yorozufurusho belongs from the material and manufacturing method, to when finely classification in pottery "stoneware (Kanji that stone to the fire)." Please be between pottery and porcelain and images. Baked at a high temperature of 1300 degrees from 1200 degrees, like a porcelain hard, there is no water absorption properties and porosity. The difference between the so-called ceramics, it has no water absorption.

    Because there is no water absorption, also be difficult marked with scent of tea leaves, it is one of the reasons why the teapot has been made popular.

    Use the same soil as this teapot, was manufactured in the densification is this plate series (type 4).

    Surface while attentive, skin feel the rough a little. Is it different place is that there are many porcelain those Tsurutto. The difference also with pottery, because of the soil that contains a lot of iron, there is a unique hardness and facial expression.

    Glaze and color Tsukazu, vessel that can be at a temperature in the soil and the kiln, fits comfortably natural ingredients.

    I am happy if your guests to suit a variety of dishes. Because there is no water-absorbent, does not the fact that food and the smell of cooking is easy to luck.

    Clean, okay the same as normal tableware.
    Oil stain you may get, but you take and I am rubbed with a brush or sponge (Please choose those that are not too hard).

    Sat (densification)

    Width 10cm × depth 10cm × thickness 1.7cm

    Only boxed

    Microwave oven and dishwasher is you can use. Open fire is impossible.
    - Oil stain If you have luck will take a'll rubbed with a brush or sponge (Please choose those that are not too hard).
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Stoneware Square Plate (S) 10cm

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