14kgf Mini Circle Earrings-Yellow-

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14kgf Mini Circle Earrings-Yellow-


Plump thickness, deep color, shiny feeling is beautiful Round motifs of Shilo Treasure sway Simple and elegant adult earrings. ※ Wearing photo is a different color dark pink. Hinahoyaki is one of the traditional craft techniques. A glassy glaze is baked on a copper base at a high temperature of around 800 degrees to apply colors. Since it bakes one by one, the color changes little by little depending on the subtle temperature. The material of the piercing uses 14kgf. This can be changed to a screw spring earring. If you wish, please specify when ordering. Material: Copper plate, glass, 14kgf piercing, metal parts Size: Total length about 1.6 cm (excluding piercing parts) About kg 14 kgf (gold filled) ▽ Gold Filled is a material of gold alloy (14 gold, 12 gold, etc.) over 1/20 of the total weight. Gold filled core is made of brass and other metals, Since the gold alloy is coated by heat and pressure, there is almost no concern that the surface gold peels off even when used for a long time like gold plating, It is a popular material that you can enjoy the deep shine with a feeling of luxury like pure gold. In addition, it is considered to be a material that is less likely to cause metal allergies. (Of course there are individual differences, so not all people are not allergic) ・ Shinpo ware burns a glass glaze to metal. It is very delicate and may be cracked by a strong impact. Please handle it as well as general glass products. -Please stop using immediately if the work is damaged for any reason. ・ If the surface of the cloisonn is dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth. Do not use detergent containing abrasives as it may cause scratches. ・ Because there are some errors, slight distortions, etc. in color, shape, size, etc. for handmade, please understand. ・ Please be aware that detergent, medicine, cosmetics, oil, sweat, seawater etc. may cause fading, discoloration or deterioration. ・ Please refrain from the use if you do not fit metal allergy and plating process. -After use, wipe gently with a soft cloth, etc., and then keep away from adhering substances such as sweat and cosmetics. -The picture may have some differences in color between the monitor and the actual work.


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