Hand-Poured Lemon Citrus Scented Candle - 250g | Rustic Favor | Gift

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Lemon Scented Soy Candle Size: 250ml (8.45oz) - Burn time: Approximately 50-60 hours


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Hand-Poured Lemon Citrus Scented Candle - 250g | Rustic Favor | Gift


Lemon Scented Soy Candle

Size: 250ml (8.45oz) - Jar is 9cm (3.54") in height
Burn time: Approximately 50-60 hours

The candle is handmade to order using natural essential oil and soy wax. The jar can reused for storage or decoration. Lemon is a fresh invigorating citrus scent that relieves anxiety and boosts concentration. It helps to counter against fatigue and exhaustion. Rustic and minimal design - This candle will keep your office or home smelling wonderful!

These candles are beautifully (and carefully) packaged in a kraft box with shredded filling - finished off with a wax seal. Perfect and ready for gifting for all occasions!

All products are handmade to order in Hong Kong.

|| Benefits of Soy Wax ||

- Made from soybeans, a natural, renewable source grown by local farmers.
- Cleaner burning: Non-toxic
- Longer lasting: Soy candles last longer than a paraffin candle of the same size as it has a cooler burning temperature.
- Better scent: Soy candles burn more slowly, allowing the scent to gradually release - creating a more pleasant atmosphere.

|| Gentle Reminders ||

When burning the candle for the first time, burn for at least one hour to ensure that the top layer is completely melted. This will ensure that the candle burns all the way down. Please trim the wick every time you burn. If you notice frosting, please do not be alarmed as it's an indicator that it's made from 100% soy wax with no other additives. This will in no way affect the way the candle burns.

|| Materials ||

All our products uses natural ingredients including soy wax, essential oils and air dried flowers. The quality of the dried flowers used is identical to the ones that many people like to use in teas.

|| Product Variation ||

All the items are handmade to order using natural materials such as dried flowers. As such, please allow for slight variations in the items. However, please be reassured that I do my best to ensure that your item arrives as closely represented in the photo and as described in the item description.

|| Registered Shipping - Tracking Service ||

In order to reduce the shipping costs on items for our customers, by default the delivery fees stated below each item is only for standard shipping - which means there will be no tracking service provided. If you wish for your package to be registered, kindly add the additional shipping fee listing to your order. The tracking code will be provided directly to the customer after the package has been sent out. It is highly recommended that orders above $150HK are sent via registered shipping.

For customers that decide to send the package via standard shipping, a photo of the package and the receipt will be provided as proof of delivery.

For customers in Hong Kong, if you wish for the item to be sent via SF Express, kindly let me know and I will make the appropriate arrangements. For packages sent via SF Express, the buyer will pay for the delivery fee upon receiving the item. Any shipping charges paid on Pinkoi will be refunded. This option is ideal for rushed orders.

|| Large Order for Events and Functions ||

Our products make unique and ideal gifts/favors for different events such as baby showers, weddings and other functions. All the products can be customised to include names or other words you wish to include on the packaging. Large orders are welcomed and we are happy to assist! However, as a small business and to keep our materials fresh, we do not keep a lot of raw materials on hand. As such, depending on the size of the order, please allow between 1 - 1.5 months of processing time. Feel free to get in touch for a quotation!

|| Fragrance Oil ||

High quality natural fragrance oils are used for our wax sachets, wax melts and candles. Our products are made with the recommended amount of fragrance oil by the suppliers.

Kindly note that the preference of scent is subjective but we do try our best to provide a wide selection of oils. The strength of the scent also varies depending on the fragrance oil, but most will fill a small room with scent, not a large open area. We use soy wax for all our items which is a natural material that provides many great benefits. However, due to its nature it cannot hold too much fragrance oil. If you are having a hard time smelling the fragrance, simply put the product in a smaller room or shut the door for awhile to re-expose yourself to the scent.

Manufacturing location(s)/process(es)Handmade in Hong Kong


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