【RLL.S】 June birthstone freshwater pearl "twin chan" necklace

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【RLL.S】 June birthstone freshwater pearl "twin chan" necklace


~ ~ ~ ❄ + 300 yen wrapping possible ♪ ~ ~ ~ Please purchase wrapping from the following page. https://www.iichi.com/listing/item/1002827 ************ It is a rare twin-chan's freshwater pearl necklace. It's just a good size, simple design, but terrier has a good presence and is very cute ~ Same series of pierced earrings are on sale ~ Hardware part material: K14 Gold Filled RLL.S Brand Heart Charm Plate: 24K thick Gold plating (Thickness is more than 3 times normal than usual) CZ stone: (Twins) Freshwater pearl: about 5 × 8 mm Since it is a natural product, shape and color are different one by one, color is white, light pink, thin orange, purple pink etc., designation is impossible, so please understand. Overall size: Approximately 40 cm (It is possible to install 5 cm adjuster at +350 yen) ❄ + 350 yen and 5 cm adjuster can be installed, purchase from the following page https://www.iichi.com/listing/item/1030285 50 cm (+400 yen) ************ It is a birthstone of June. Stone words such as "health, wealth, longevity, purity" Fresh water pearl bringing happiness Freshwater pearls are said to have a strong power to repel disaster It is said that there is an effect to prepare the environment so that you can spend happy every day of the person you have Freshwater pearl is exaggerating negative energy and it is said that it will shine charm, and various effects are expected, so we treat it as a power stone Freshwater pearl is known as love jewel because it has a power to exhale evil and attract the heart of opposite sex and it is often used in wedding ceremonies etc. You can expect effects such as relieving depression and irritation Because the power of guardian is the strongest, there is also the power to protect children from accidents and diseases. ************ ※ Since the craftsman made one point for the shape and finish of the natural stone, it may differ from the image (other than the one displayed as one thing!)! (100% is not the same thing) About inclusions and coloring etc. of natural stone Natural stones can see inclusions inherent in stones (liquids and small crystals). It is not a crack or a crack. Inclusion is like a human fingerprint, and its kind and shape are various. Also, there may be a subtle difference in color compared to photos. As much as possible we are trying to shoot in colors close to the actual thing but the impression changes according to the condition of light is the feature of natural stone. ★ Because natural stones and semiprecious stones are natural minerals, there are individual differences in shades, shine (teri), patterns, inclusions, etc. Please acknowledge it beforehand as characteristics of natural stone semiprecious stone beads. * Inclusion is a material of solid, liquid and gas which is different form from the main component of natural stone / semiprecious stone originally intruded inside natural stone / semiprecious stone, also called inclusion and inclusion. Since natural inclusions and semi-precious stones, which are natural minerals, have no inclusions at all, there are cases where it is an important checkpoint for identifying natural or artificial stones.


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