- Zen - earrings / earrings

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80% is a beautiful special glass which can be said to be an artificially crystallized gem which is made of the same ingredients as quartz. Compared with general dragonfly balls, bottles and window glasses, it is a material suitable for accessories and mold


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- Zen - earrings / earrings


- Zen - earrings / earrings There is also the idea that circles, triangles, and squares form all things, and they have joined the universe as if they overlap. ○ Circular phase (everything that exists in the universe) Absolute truth △ Zen's sitting posture (when zapping with your legs crossed) A figure with the Buddha ☐ A caught heart (living surrounded by squares of common sense of society) Size: 20 x 30 mm There are some differences one by one because of handmade one point. ● Screw Spring Earrings (Nickel Free Gold Plating) Allergic to metal allergy Nickel free plating treatment on brass We are doing allergic-resistant nickel-free plating treatment, but please stop using it if it does not fit your skin such as itching, rash, rash, inflammation. Because it is gold-plated, you may immerse in a bath, a hot spring, a shower, a pool for a long time while you are wearing earrings, or you may soon discolor if you dipped it frequently. ● Hook earrings (Surgical stainless steel 316L) Nickel free gold plating for metal allergy Silicone catch included (Please use for fall prevention) We are using allergic-resistant Surgical stainless steel material, but please stop using it if it does not fit your skin, such as itching, rash, rash, inflammation. Because it is performing gold plating, there is a possibility that discoloration will be accelerated if immersed in a bath, hot spring, shower, pool for a long time while wearing pierced earrings, or frequent dipping. ● Hook earrings (Silver 925 / SV925) ● Hook earrings (Gold filled / 14 kgf) Material: What is borosilicate glass (borosilicate glass) It is the same durable and heat-resistant glass as the glass of physicochemicals such as test tube and beaker 80% is an artificially crystallized jewel made from the same ingredients as quartz Compared to common dragonfly balls, bottles and window glasses Light in specific gravity, high in transparency, strong in heat, and hard to break Purchase notes * Since we are making everything by hand, please understand as a single point the color and shape are slightly different for each work. Please confirm the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing ※ enough. * The colors on the screen may differ from the actual ones. If you have any questions, please contact us. ※ When ordering multiple works, actual shipping fee and some errors may occur. Please note. Production area / production method Origin: Japan Handmade


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