[1 week limited sale] 3 colors available Herringbone linen 100percent button-out loose pants lining rm-43

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Made with 3 colors herringbone linen Loose pants. The front is perforated, but the back is rubber.


1~3 日
[1 week limited sale] 3 colors available Herringbone linen 100percent button-out loose pants lining rm-43


https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_a0d55c.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_61c8e2.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_97868a.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_6c9f84.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_424dfc.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_fdfbfb.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_e94a31.jpg black 160cm38size wearing https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_b3c230.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_385b06.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_25c24c.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_fa7fe7.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_4ce0b6.jpg wearing beige 160cm38size https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_66c3eb.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_26b309.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_e70792.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_b2df14.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_a46add.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_f0ea9a.jpg https://mallelabrocante.ocnk.net/data/mallelabrocante/product/20190409_2611d1.jpg navy 160cm 38size wearing [Because it is busy, it will be sold for a limited time from September 10 to September 16, 2019. Pinkoishop OPEN after the end of the period is undecided. ] Made with 3 colors herringbone linen Loose pants. The front is perforated, but the back is rubber. Tuck on the waist and hem I can't go to the balloon Finished in a slightly rounded silhouette. All buttons are natural shell buttons. Because the back has a light beige 100% cotton lining Sliding is not transparent. Wear it as it is or fit it under a one-piece dress. The product is subjected to flexible washing. Also, to prevent surface shine, the factory dares to use an iron press. Natural wrinkles remain in the whole because I had you deliver without. Hang it on a hanger before wearing it, and spray it with water spray to dry it. You can easily remove the candy. SIZE: 36 Waist: 68-95cm Hip: 106cm Front Rise: 33cm Cross: 38cm Bottom width: 20cm Inseam: 44cm SIZE: 38 Waist: 75-100cm Hip: 114cm Front Rise: 34cm Cross: 41cm Bottom width: 21cm Inseam: 46cm SIZE: 40 Waist: 80-108cm Hip: 120cm Front Rise: 35cm Transition: 44cm Bottom width: 22cm Inseam: 48cm ※ There is a slight error in size one by one. * made in China QUALITY: Body / Hemp 100% Lining / Cotton 100% Please check the size in advance by comparing your size with the size of your clothes. This item is Height 160cm Weight 43kg Hip 80cm model I wear all 38 sizes. We cannot accept any returns due to image differences from the images. In addition, because of the natural material, there may be a nep or weaving wound on the surface. Thank you for your order after understanding as a characteristic of natural materials. The actual color of the product is the closest to the enlarged fabric image, There seems to be some error depending on the operating environment and model of the PC. Please note. The body weight cannot be determined by height and weight alone, so advice may be blurred. When you make an inquiry, please be sure to let us know by major measurement. (Example: height 160cm, bust 82cm, hips 80cm, etc. I think that you can give accurate advice by expressing in cm. ) From the point of view of hygiene, returned or exchanged is not possible if it is installed even once. Discounted items cannot be returned or exchanged. Returned goods with different images will be charged a round-trip shipping fee even during shipping free shipping service. For items that are shipped free of charge, you will also be responsible for the shipping costs for returning. If you are a repeater and would like to return many times Since there is a case where we will refuse orders afterwards Please understand in advance.


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