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  • Center with a large grain Swarovski, and is gerbera Pierce using a lot of Czech glass beads of unique form petals.

    So we have a combination of amethyst color to blue rainbow of color in the Czech glass,
    It is glamorous and elegant atmosphere.

    【please note】
    Czech glass beads that you are using is that craftsmen who in the Czech Republic have been made.
    1 millimeter of error is also not completely impossible to mass-produce the same thing, some things a distortion of form in. It also would be greatly appreciated when taken as a "taste" of the handmade.

    Those who pierced hole is pretty down, pierced by the weight There is a possibility of facing down.
    Please note.


    Diameter: 3.5cm


    Swarovski Crystal (Austria)

    Glass (the Czech Republic, Japan)

    Pierce bracket: rhodium coating (nickel is not used), silicon catch

    ♡ available upon custom order ♡
    Color difference, etc., please contact us if you wish.

    Purchase, with respect to the details of the dispatch stated in the profile.
    For trouble prevention, as you will read carefully before you buy,
    Thank you.

    Any questions, if you have a point, etc. are concerned about, please feel free to contact us ^^

    **Notes at the time of purchase**

    ☆ Please read ☆

    It ships in special delivery of international mail.
    The number of days required for the arrival is 5 to 7 days in urban areas such as Tokyo and Osaka, others might take 10 to 14 days.
    Tracking number to those who who wish you a pursuit is raised and is again contact you after shipping.

    For international mail, I pack as breakage of goods, etc. does not occur.

    For international mail, which fluctuates shipping largely by the difference between the slight weight,
    Your expense and we will strive to minimize.

    Depending on your PC environment, there is a case where there is a difference in the real thing and some color.

    Except for such as this side commodity mistake,
    I hope in a no claim, no return.

    But we try to make to always polite,
    Since it becomes a handmade product, it is very difficult to Otsukuri without a millimeter of error as off-the-shelf. For your understanding, thank you.
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Iris Gerbera Pierce

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