Rabbit face CHORKER (red)

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胧~OBORO~ 逛设计馆

1~3 日
Rabbit face CHORKER (red)


From the fact that the pattern of the shadow of the moon is visible to the rabbit, because "there are rabbit in the moon" is a tradition that has been talked about for a long time, as the story surrounding this, the following legend has been told.
"Monkey, fox, three rabbits, were met in the shabby old man lying in exhaustion in the mountains.
3 animals was considered to try to help the old man. Monkey collects the nuts, fox takes a fish from the river, were each given as food to the elderly. But only rabbits, was not able to come to nothing taken also struggling, no matter how. Rabbit lamented his powerless is the last line that wanted to somehow help the old man, asked to Thailand the fire asked to monkeys and foxes, in order to devote his body as food, jumped into the fire. Old man saw the figure is, represents the identity of as Taishakuten, to convey the mercy line of desperate of rabbit to posterity, it was ascended the rabbit to the moon. "
The visible smoke-like shadow around the figure of the rabbit, which looks to the moon,
Rabbit is that it's smoke when burned his body.

SILVER925 (including bracket) / Mayfair Leather (luxury if leather)
Rabbit surface length of about 35mm horizontal 17mm
Size standard
S (can be worn between the neck around 28㎝~33㎝)
M (can be worn between the neck around 31㎝~36㎝)
L (can be worn between the neck around 34㎝~39㎝)

* This item is the difference in length of the leather part by the size.
Installed will be installed in adjustable length adjuster bracket (6㎝).
For example, towards the neck 32 to 33㎝ Although you can wear both M size S size,
It will become the last minute that it is S size,
We will choose the M size and can be worn with a margin.

Please tell the size you wish to (S / M / L) than the remarks and Notices at the time of purchase.

Please consult when you hope the size of the non-representation.
Origin / production method
Origin / Japan handmade


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