Casual clothing canvas cat shoulder bag color (custom made)

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Casual clothing canvas cat shoulder bag color (custom made)


★ This product will be produced after receiving your order. Estimated production period can be confirmed from the profile page.
Cute rough texture ishout cool paraffin canvas net type shoulder bag. Plus a little playfulness in casual attire, it is also recommended for going out for everyday bags. There is one pocket into which a smartphone etc. enters, and one magnet is attached at the top of the bag.
Paraffin canvas is a canvas canvas, with a slight waterproof effect, with a texture of moderate wrinkles. A friction such as scratching with a nail enters a line called a choke mark. You can enjoy it as one of the textures of paraffin canvas, but it is also possible to erase by ironing. Iron at medium temperature, please put on a patch.

【Part No.】 90005_004
【Size】 Inside dimension: W39cm (at the time of opening flat part flat) × H 29 cm · bottom gusset W 25.5 cm × H 12 cm possession: inside turn 25 cm shoulder strap: maximum length 128 cm (up to about 170 cm tall)
[Materials] No. 9 paraffin canvas (cotton) · stretch denim (cotton) mall thread · polyester bore · brass metal fittings
★ This product will be produced after receiving your order. Regarding the exact shipping schedule date we will inform you when ordering or inquiring.
For handmade ※, there is a difference in one point such as the pattern position of the fabric, fabric. Please acknowledge that the image will be a sample item.
※ As there are limited materials and materials, sales may end without notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
* Please understand that cancellation after the start of production and returned goods due to the customer's convenience can not be accepted.
◇ Because of handmade there are differences even for the same item name.
◇ Colors may vary depending on the terminal you use. There are cases where the color tastes are different between when you see under natural light in the day and when you look indoors.
<About handling>
◇ Please wipe off quickly when water gets on. There is a possibility that spots will remain if left for a long time wet.
◇ When it is left for a long time to a place exposed to direct sunlight, it may cause burning and fading.
◇ Please separate washing to avoid color transfer to other clothes. To prevent the decorative part of the face from getting caught in the net, please wash it on the net or gently wash it with your hands and please shade in a well-ventilated area.
◇ Please note that the decorative part is weak against rubbing and rubbing.
<About returned goods and exchange>
* Please contact me within 7 days after arrival with unused status. In the case of returned goods due to customer's convenience, such as difference with the image, please bear the cost of return shipping. After arriving safely in our shop, we will refund the amount deducted from the shipping cost service.
Production area / production method
Origin: Japan Handmade


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