Picture dish with bread


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  • It is a dish of pottery.

    A cat who likes bread has unexpectedly placed bread on his head.

    I draw a silhouette with white make-up on black soil, engraved with a pointed tool and draw lines such as </s>.
    After coloring with the bottom paint, it was baked with glaze.

    About 12 cm × about 12 cm Depth of about 3 cm

    Because it is handmade one by one, the shape, the size, the atmosphere of the picture are slightly different.

    Because it is made of pottery, there is a risk of cracking or chipping due to a strong impact.

    Because of handmade some distortions are seen, but I'm happy if you can enjoy it as handmade texture.

    A pinhole (small dent) can be seen where glaze is applied, but this is a phenomenon that it becomes a dent like a small hole by firing dust etc. attached to the dough. I am happy if you can understand this as one of handmade taste.

    Depending on the place of shooting, the condition of the light, the PC environment, the picture may differ from the actual image.
    If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.
    Production place / Production method
    Origin: Japan Handmade
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Picture dish with bread

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