Ethical Hemp Salopette Skirt Mud Dyed Dark Brown


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  • Product Name: Amami Oshima Mud Dyed + Ethical Hemp Salopette Skirt Dark Brown
    Product code: MHR 170507
    Material: Hemp 100%
    Size: Waist 72cm ~ 104cm × Length 65cm (from waist)
    (The size varies slightly depending on the individual because it is handmade.)
    Color: dark brown
    Production place: Japan
    Dyed: Japan
    Model Height: 160 cm

    · Since it may cause color burning if it hits sunlight or fluorescent light for a long time, we recommend storage in a place not exposed to light.
    · There may be color fading and color transfer due to condition including moisture or friction.
    · When washing, I recommend you to wash separately with mild detergent.
    · Mud dyed is weak against rubbing so please be sure to wash in the net for laundry.
    Tumbler drying, dry cleaning may discolor.
    · It may discolor if you touch excessive alkalinity or acidity.
    (Mud dyed will react to citric acid, so please be careful of citrus fruits etc.)
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    美国US$ 18.04US$ 26.16
    加拿大US$ 18.04US$ 26.16
    意大利US$ 19.84US$ 28.86
    法国US$ 19.84US$ 28.86
    爱尔兰US$ 19.84US$ 28.86
    澳大利亚US$ 18.04US$ 26.16
    新加坡US$ 12.63US$ 18.94
    中国大陆US$ 12.63US$ 18.94
    比利时US$ 19.84US$ 28.86
    泰国US$ 12.63US$ 18.94
    德国US$ 19.84US$ 28.86
    香港US$ 12.63US$ 18.94
    荷兰US$ 19.84US$ 28.86
    印度尼西亚US$ 12.63US$ 18.94
    瑞典US$ 19.84US$ 28.86
    越南US$ 12.63US$ 18.94
    瑞士US$ 19.84US$ 28.86
    新西兰US$ 18.04US$ 26.16
    南韩US$ 12.63US$ 18.94
    澳门US$ 12.63US$ 18.94
    英国US$ 19.84US$ 28.86
    马来西亚US$ 12.63US$ 18.94
    台湾US$ 12.63US$ 18.94
    所有其他国家/地区US$ 21.65US$ 36.98
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Ethical Hemp Salopette Skirt Mud Dyed Dark Brown

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