Cyber Oni Samurai Mask by Maskcraft

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  • 本商品为“接单订制”。付款后,从开始制作到寄出商品为 60 个工作天。(不包含假日)
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Cyber Oni Samurai Mask by Maskcraft


Hello! We decided to answer the most frequently asked questions in advance, so read this text carefully. 1. All masks and helmets are handcrafted from durable EasyFlo 60 plastic or equivalent. The parameters of this material can be found on the Internet. The painting is made with high quality acrylic spray paints. 2. The size of all masks and helmets is standard and fits most heads. If for some reason the mask turned out to be small or narrow, you can expand it yourself by gently heating the inside with a hairdryer. 3. All products from our workshop are painted and come with fasteners and soft cushions inside for comfortable wearing. 4. Please note that your order may take up to 10 WEEKS (2.5 months) to be processed, but most often we do it faster. There are no ready-made masks that we could send immediately. Every mask we order is made for you. 5. If your order needs you in limited quantity, please email us before you make a purchase! 6. If for some reason you accidentally place an order or need to make a refund, please email us and only us. We always (or almost always) meet the needs of our customers)) 7. Please check your shipping address carefully before ordering. If we receive a return of a package sent to you due to an “unclaimed” or incorrect address, we will not SEND YOU AGAIN AGAIN because we have to pay dearly for the return. 8. All your parcels are sent from the city of Sochi (Russia) and are tracked by the track numbers that we send to you. If the parcel crossed the Russian border and was lost or delayed for a long time, we are not responsible for it. For this matter, please contact your local post office. 9. By ordering a mask from us, you agree to the non-copying of its shape and design. 10. All of our products are inspired by masks and helmets from movies, games, books and comics, but are not unlicensed copies of the original masks and helmets. Each product is up to 10% different from the original and does not violate anyone's copyright. 11. Also we can make mask or helmet according to your custom design. To do this, we need a label, a sketch, a sample image, or at least a detailed description of the idea. The production time is about 6 months. Thank you for reading this text to the end! If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will definitely answer!!! P.S. This text was created using Google Translate, so it may contain grammatical and punctuation errors. We apologize for our ignorance and hope you understand everything correctly)))


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Cyber Oni Samurai Mask by Maskcraft


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