iPad Pro 11 inch Leather folio. Personalized iPad Air organizer. iPad Pro case

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iPad Pro 11 inch Leather folio. Personalized iPad Air organizer. iPad Pro case


We're using DHL Express to ship our folios so you can get it in time! Also we can stamp your initial or name on your new folio. Please add your phone number and initials if you want to the Notes of your order. ★ iPad Pro 11 inch Leather case. iPad Air case. 10.5 iPad Pro case. Zipper leather folio. • This folio fits an iPad, documents, and some small office tools that you might need during the day. It is indispensable at work, school, a business meeting, or when traveling. This folio will be a perfect gift for your colleague, someone who is important to you, or yourself :) ★ Why you should choose our folios: — This folio will protect your tablet from damage and will help you keep your essentials organized — Made from 100% genuine leather, it will serve you for a long time, and we are sure that will be able to give it to your grandchildren as a gift. — We can emboss initials for free, so this folio will become an even more special gift to someone who is important to you. • Leather is a natural material that becomes more noble and beautiful over time. Your sleeve will develop patina in a special way and no two sleeves are going to look the same. To make it even more individual, we can emboss your initials or a small image on it. For more details, check out the item listing photos. • Cut, pierced, and sewn by hand. We prefer hand stitches because they are more durable than machine-sewn stitches, and they look neater too. SIZE: W*H 485*285 mm (19.1*11.2 in) open W*H 230*285 mm (9*11.2 in) closed • Even though we use metal buttons, they are covered with small leather pieces from the inside, and they won’t scratch your iPad. ★ TREATMENT: with colourless leather cream or colourless spray. • The colour will darken a bit with time in case of constant use. Colours may differ a bit from those shown on the photos. • On your first day, you may find the folio a bit tight. However, natural leather stretches with use, so you do not need to do anything with it. After a few days of use, it will fit your tablet like a glove. • You can choose the 'Apple Pencil holder’ option if you want the folio with a special pocket for your pencil. • This folio was designed for the iPad. If you want to use it with another device, please message us and we will let you know if it is going to fit it. We can also make a custom sleeve for your device. ★ Please, before making the order read thoroughly the shop's policies and pay your attention to the delivery time. • We use craft paper and twine for packaging. These materials have a trendy look and are environmentally friendly. • If you’re purchasing this folio as a gift, we can add a small card with a message of your choice. Please choose the 'Add gift message' option when placing your order. *Notebook is not included. The size of the notebook on our photo is 17*24 cm (6.6*9.5 in). If you prefer Moleskine notes the best size is XL 19*25 cm (7.4*9.8 in) _____________________________________________ Please, contact us if you have any questions. ★ We offer a lifetime warranty for the leather and stitches. If you’re wondering about how to take care of a product or have found defects, message us right away. • We do not have any production partners. Everything — from developing an idea and making prototypes to producing items and packing them — is done in our small workshop. • The color will darken a bit with time in case of constant use. Colors may differ a bit from those shown on the photos. Made with love in the North of Russia. Your Inside.


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