Made in Japan / denim / synthetic leather / clutch bag CE1 / navy blue


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  • Made in Japan / denim / synthetic leather / clutch bag CE1 / navy blue]

    Denim, stylish clutch bag with synthetic leather and the like.
    Surface-grafted their own designer denim, we produce the dough from scratch.
    Back is using a synthetic leather.
    Such as the back and zipper in accordance with the finished fabric also choose a combination of one by one.
    From the finished dough through the work of even these of what process is a product that has been carefully made by Japanese craftsmen of greater than or equal to this road 40 years.
    In this way products that our offer was made from every single fabric, is all handmade of work with attention to detail. Please enjoy the goods with a taste.

    Material: denim, synthetic leather, polyester, nylon

    [Size]: about width (W): 28cm, height (H): 20cm, depth (D): 2.5cm

    [Origin / production method]
    Japan, handmade

    We have given a nice gift to the people of all of purchase.
    You will receive a special gift for those who purchased further JP ¥ 30000 or more.
    Contents is enjoy after arrival.
    The photo below is an example of a gift of contents, is an item using the tin with charm and Japanese kimono.
    To everyone who purchased contains any of these items!
    looking forward to!

    About wrapping packing;
    Here we will be wrapping and packaging to match the item.
    After wrapping the packaging of the atmosphere such as a photograph, we pack from putting in light blue bag Palaina LO.

    [Message from the designer]
    We've touched on the spirit of the Japanese culture to visit various places of Japan.
    In particular, the mysterious islands of the south for us, was very attractive.
    It has been much inspired by the unique culture.
    With the image of the colorful nature and the sea of the north and the south has a making work.
    That is especially attracted by the strong heart to "sea" in have been thinking and want to express it.
    I felt alone NEW denim in that is manufactured by creating "sea = blue = indigo denim =" that there is a limit to the representation.
    So, was "recycled denim" that was reached is of a variety of fall colors.
    In Japan, there is a distinct four seasons, seasons and weather, the expression of such beautiful flowers and landscapes that vary in time, unique to Japan in a variety of colors of the kimono is also used bags and clothes, to express small items.

    [One and only]
    In our Palaina LO (Paraina Eruo), to cut the jeans and kimono as crisp, and play them as a cloth "Textiles" of the one connecting.
    This will take a lot of time. Because, crisp is because there is not the same thing.
    Which explores whether the best way to express our image through the material. In order to make use of the natural texture, sometimes the end of the cloth is to "hewn".
    Then, the finished textile In addition, reborn in products such as bag by this road of more than 40 years the Japanese craftsman's hand.
    If you want to reuse the jeans and kimono as old clothes, will become also there ultimately disposal to be affected in terms of design and size.
    Something like this to make it into something new as a completely new product, and carried out until then of repair, we produce also from the point of view of [up cycle] ※.
    Of Okayama denim and Hokkaido specific sika deer leather and it has extended a variety of materials and combination further design.
    So, our work is the only of the one and.
    The same thing is I do not have to make like. Each piece has a story.
    Through our work, it is kindly for feel Japanese culture and nature.

    ※ [the up cycle]
    Sustainable is one of the new methodology of development (sustainable) ones.
    Unlike recycling, which has been carried out from the conventional (recirculation), raw material of mere material, rather than the re-use, to convert to the new materials and better products, higher new dimension and value than the original product mono It refers to produce.

    About us again]
    Us again of the products purchased from this brand from the thought that I would like you to use it long are also available. Because by the state and may not possible to receive your fix, you have to tell us again of the charges, etc. will be confirmed once the state. Please contact than contact us for more information.

    [Please note that your handling]
    Due to the nature of the ⑴ material, there is some possibility of discoloration. Please pay attention when wearing a light-colored clothes.
    Such as ⑵ strong friction and caught, please pay attention to handling.
    When you leave the wet ⑶ rain or sweat, it can cause discoloration or mold occurrence. If wet with rain or sweat, wipe off the moisture with a dry, soft cloth, please dry with shaping day in the shade.
    ⑷ we have as much as possible to reproduce the color close to the real thing, but please understand that there are times when it seems that it differs a little color on the screen and the real thing by the conditions such as the monitor.

    About defective goods]
    After the commodity arriving, commodity is damaged • If you have been defaced, or if different from that of your order the product, please contact us within the delivery after 7 days from the inquiry to.
    However, if the customer has with the damage or scratches or the like after the receipt, we can not respond to the returned or exchanged.
    ※ When you contact us thank you to contact us at the following state.
    Do not use the ⑴ items
    State that there is included such that had been enclosed in ⑵ products
    Store ⑶ invoice
    ※ The repair and washing, cleaning merchandise, or to adhere to smell because of the customer, dirt, With regard to product flaws occurs, because the exchange I am afraid that I can not accept, please note. ※ Because we can not do the exchange with another commodity, please note.

    [About returns]
    In the case of the offer of returned goods • exchange by the case of the principles below so we afraid that I can not accept, please understand.
    Please return after ⑴ commodity finalized
    Returned goods in ⑵ customer convenience
    Products that have elapsed ⑶ from deliver more than 7 days
    ⑷ or customers are going to use one time, your repair and washing, cleaning merchandise
    Or smell is attached in the original ⑸ customers, products that stain • damage has occurred
    If you ⑹ commodity tag has been damaged • loss
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Made in Japan / denim / synthetic leather / clutch bag CE1 / navy blue

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