(Primrose) hand-woven cotton, cashmere Long stall

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atk 逛设计馆

1~3 日
(Primrose) hand-woven cotton, cashmere Long stall


Loose and lets loose, a little longer hand-woven cotton, cashmere-long stall.

In the center a refreshing cotton, soft cashmere, to match and change thread, and the color of the atmosphere, such as exhilarating, I decided to gentle skin sitting dividing.
Along with the young leaves, it was woven with the image of friendly pomp of began to bloom "primrose".

A width of about 34 ~ 38cm. (Because there is a portion of the material is different, not the shrinkage rate is constant. Thin and place, there is a thick place)

Length is about 195cm. (Except humor about 6cm) weighs 182g. A little longer, stalls, is recommended for those who want winding comfortably.

Cotton is excellent to very absorbent. Cashmere is also hygroscopic, warmth, because it is excellent fiber to water-divergence, not only in winter, is a stall where you can use your three-season.
Especially in the morning and there is a temperature difference of the night season, perfect for temperature control. Since the colors that appear in the winding changes, you can enjoy alone a variety of facial expressions wind fluffy. And soft to the touch, without hesitation feel. It is a pastel color to show me brighten your face ♪

Hand-woven yarn of atk is, because it is not a plant dyeing, discoloration is not most. (If you use a thread of plant dyeing, you statement to that effect) You can also wash at home. (With a neutral detergent, press gently wash)

From woven, well wash (Chijimi絨 processing: Clean the thread, yarn entwined, shrink minute is shrunk, in order to improve the texture, wash firm), so we deliver, as it is , you can use immediately.

◇ We deliver and also easily packaged the normal case.

"Gift wrapping" is available free of charge. If you would like a gift in Japan, please select the "Yu-Pack".

○ it is also sold in other sites. By any chance, if you order at the same time, in the early order of the time order, we will order. Humbly, thank you.
Material: Cotton (cashmere also uses)
Size: Width: (slightly different depending on the location) about 34 ~ 38cm
Length: about 195cm (except humor about 6cm)
Weight: 182g
Origin: Japan handmade

※ yarn is not a plant dyeing.
※ hot water, dryer, bleach, fir wash Please avoid.

※ hand washing is recommended. 0 to put a small amount of "neutral detergent" in the warm water of about 30 ℃, and then wash and press gently. About 2 times to rinse lightly. For 2 to 3 minutes in the entire process.

※ such as else taking suck the moisture with a towel, and hang from quickly ironed, you're form.

Select a color to show brighten your skin, tried to spring seems soft color matching. Such as black, also in accordance with the dark classic color, you suddenly colorful. Since the width and length also is sufficient, perfect at the turn of the season!
By winding, because the atmosphere is changed, you can enjoy various ♪
Origin / production method
Origin: Japan handmade


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