Wipe lacquer wooden plate horse chestnut (chestnut) black 24cm


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  • Himself a craftsman of the potter's wheel ground, performs a Kidori choose and purchase of domestic wood, a beautiful grain that can be used in the dish, was raised shaved in a flat dish.

    Dish of wood There are many, but the appearance of this dish is a beautiful stand out.
    Waiting is the flat close, but because it has subtle curves drawn over the edge, so stick to when viewed from above snugly table.
    Since the back has become a somewhat deep curve, and he has dignified stand atmosphere when placed.

    So far, we have to introduce what grain is visible in the olive oil finish, but this was to lacquer finish wipe.

    By the wiping lacquer finish, care and handling will be Gunto easier.
    You become stronger, such as in water, is also hard luck stains such as food.

    Scrubbing it and with a stiff brush, a long period of time of soaking washing, dishwasher, if you can be even avoided microwave oven, you can use without having to worry about the finer points.

    Lacquer, while the use, more and more beautiful thin color will change to come transparent Gradually.
    The change is also beautiful.
    This does not have to wear or abrasion is lacquer, as lacquer original habit, occurs because the color comes missing transparent.

    There is also that care becomes easy, but the finish is beautiful than you think, now the vessel of an atmosphere that does not seen quite the other.

    Wipe lacquer of the series, the type of tree, horse chestnut (land) only.
    Horse chestnut eyes is, by wiping lacquer, has come out in faintly clean.

    Size is 24cm. Bread is just ride size. Breakfast plate, of course, fried rice and pasta, as well as the Ready-To-Eat dish of side dishes, you can use a wide range.

    Chestnut (land) domestic timber

    Diameter 24cm × thickness of about 1.7cm

    Wipe lacquer finish (black)

    - Please be avoided dipping for a long time water.
    - Please refrain from using the microwave oven and dishwasher.
    And use of hard brush, please be avoided. There is a possibility that the lacquer would come off.
    - Detergent is not your problem I am your dishwashing detergent everyday.
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Wipe lacquer wooden plate horse chestnut (chestnut) black 24cm

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