japanese baby style KINTARO setup

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1~3 日
japanese baby style KINTARO setup


<Size & Fit> 70cm~80cm <Target age> : It is a color until around 1-2 years old: <Color> : Gray <Material> : cotton100 % / Herringbone ribbon: acrylic100 % <Washing> -This clothing item is handmade. Please wash this by hand: Soak it in warm water for ten minutes, gently rub the cloth together with both hands, and hang dry. -This product is machine washable. Please put the product in a mesh laundry bag before washing. Of the cotton twill is comfortable softly; set up production KINTARO with cloth well. I produced original Kintaro setup to be able to enjoy Japanese tradition everyday wear from a baby smartly. The original design that I gave by sewing machine embroidery of the colorful gradation of the pastel color is a point. I add translucency to patchwork using cotton organdy. Of course, as for ◎ cover underwear, multi-に is glad of what I can utilize to any clothes on an apron a cool impression while protecting a body well. The back grows with herringbone ribbon. It is available for arrival at hot summer playing in the water. It is most suitable for baby gifts toward the summer and is sure to get activity as arrival at fashion of a festival and the summer event. [Kintaro] I played a role as the underwear which a baby put on in the body under the clothes in old days. Because the waistcoat having a front but no back did not make a stomach cold to wind it to cover the stomach according to words, it seemed to be worn for humidity retention. There seems to be the another name "children's summer underwear" in the area summoned to. When it is mobile and is easy to help you put on it and washes it and dries immediately, I am superior in functionality. It is recommended in the present of the auspicious occasions such as a celebration or the baby gift of the first Boy's Festival. There would be a wish to grow up into a strong boy like Kintaro well by letting you wear it. In addition, Kintaro of the old tale has such an opinion. The bib figure means that I obtained iron culture in a symbol of Kaji. Productivity improves the farming implements by iron culture drastically, and rice becomes the good harvest. In other words, it is a story of the prosperity of the country. そのまで might not have to overinterpret it, but it was rich, and the wish that I did not be troubled with might be loaded food with. In other words, it is thought that the bib is lucky. [recommended use] A present: It is celebration, Christmas a baby gift, a birthday *Because it is handmade, it is slightly different in the form of embroidery and the motif, and there is no same thing as one one by one.


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