Re-exhibition, 100% wool fluffy ♪ snood (green oasis)

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1~3 日
Re-exhibition, 100% wool fluffy ♪ snood (green oasis)


Arm knitting (Udeami) snood of New York originated in, now, in Europe

It has attracted a very popular. This time, the high-quality imported 100% wool (made in Japan),

In the single yarn of wool part, Urumoheya (very soft Super Kid mohair 20%,

Kiddomoheya 36%, was braided three merino wool 44%).

Therefore, a very soft, now fluffy ♪ of snood!

To the state, such as one of the long wheel, Dearimasu knit, but put the head, lightly people winding,

It will be fashionable and warm snood.

The snood is, because it was stuck to the wool of the material and color, than conventional snood, fine

Dearimasu knitted in the stitch. Plenty of very soft Japanese-made mohair!

Water-repellent and heat retention is high nuclear, and 115g, is a warm finish to very light.

Speaking of snood, but acrylic thick yarn is common, this year's new color, (color Asagi) Asagi color

Of wool has entered, is a snood of 100 percent wool.

Winter becomes shorter daylight hours, the more the opportunity to wear the subdued color of clothes.

Among such, it makes me a little excited the mind, the snood, such as the Oasis

Why not try to wound to the neck? A new color to show brighten the package and your face

♪ that I made with carefully selected

At bargain prices, it will deliver.

Material: 100% Wool - Made in Japan
Urumoheya - Made in Japan (very soft Super Kid mohair 20%,
Kiddomoheya 36%, merino wool 44%)
Size: the entire circumference: about 160cm
Width: about 16cm
Weight: 115 g

※ You are using the delicate material. Thank you in hand washing.
Use the wool detergent, after washing gently press gently, lightly with a towel
And O'to suck the moisture, from shaping up, please shade.

Cleaning is also recommended ♪
※ In the case of long-term storage, if you use an insect repellent and moisture-proof agent
It is safe.
※ Because of the handmade, unevenness and shrinkage rate, the shape of the distortion,
There is such as joint of the thread.
※ The size will be approximate dimensions. Please acknowledge.

◇ gift wrapping of the hand-woven, hand-knitted works, available free of charge.
Please feel free ♪

Packaging image, please refer to the profile image.
The color of the wrapping paper and string is, there are times when you want to change.
If you have any questions or questions, please feel free!


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