Leather Thailand shoulder mustard

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Leather Thailand shoulder mustard


Tied shoulder straps that can be used in the specification can not be wrong soft pig leather. As signed by one-shoulder, as the seat angle to not tied, it is a leather bag of 2way. Precisely because the material is the good leather suede, it will be elegant atmosphere while there is a sense of relaxation.

The material is, of pig leather suede. In softness and lightness are features, hair suede short, texture that there is elegance, such as nubuck. Silky, there is a natural texture. By using the pig leather of domestic, tanning, dyeing, it has been made in Sumida-ku, Tokyo to sewing. Leather bag of the product line tigre that of Sumida-ku, performing the tanning of leather tanneries (leather tanning craftsman) is engaged in.

Leather to be used in this bag, you can wash in spite of genuine leather. By special tanning processing of tanneries unique, it is possible to wash by hand washing. Washable thing on a daily basis will be using a lot, also longer able to use your leather bag. Since the change little by little texture every time you wash, is one of the fun is also the change in the material.

The color is three colors.
Mustard works of this page
Gray https://www.iichi.com/listing/item/889476
Navy https://www.iichi.com/listing/item/889488

Pig suede (pig leather)
Washable leather

Height 45cm × width 46cm
Shoulder belt 76cm

[With respect to the handling of washable leather]
▼ thing of washable leather
If the dirt can be laundered in a commercial neutral detergent. Soil and mud stains, coffee, it is possible to drop even food stains, such as soy sauce.

※ depending on the condition of the dirt there might be less likely to fall.
※ After washing becomes a washed-out leather, texture will change. Out the taste, you Yuki familiar by knock down.

▼ How to Care
① Clean the surface with a brush and eraser.
② with a commercially available neutral detergent, you can hand wash.
③ After rinsing, it takes lightly squeezing moisture by hand. (Please do not use washing machine)
④ out the inner to the outside, and then shade stretched out wrinkles.
⑤ inner is returned to the original Once dry, and dry completely shaping of the back.
After ⑥ dry, and brush to improve the suede feeling, it finishes well texture.

※ After washing, leather becomes the texture of washed-out, it may be out of some shrinkage and deformation.
※ Since regard to the problems that arise in the washing can not be held responsible, please acknowledge.


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