Art smock white

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1~3 日
Art smock white


Size: 80-100cm

Target age: To around 0-4 years old

A color: White

Material: 100% of linen

Washing: Please use it after making drying in the sun after hand-washing, and being dried well.
Because I do not preshrink it, I may shrink after washing to some extent. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

The smock which I produced in refreshing perception fee linen (Ikuji of the meaning to say comfortable comfortable と) softly with some translucency.
Feel of a material such as the French vintage linen is a favorite.

It is the colorful design that hand embroidery accentuated a lot.
◎ which three angles of elbow patches sewed in a colorful stitch in a sleeve have a cute casually

Though clothes became dirty by all means when they did drawing and work, I became dirty daringly and produced the clothes which became pretty.
Because it is an unhurried silhouette and is light, I put it on from everyday wear completely and may be absorbed in art.
笑 which is not got angry at by a mom even if paint hits these clothes

Right the "clothes "clothes that a dirt becomes the personality" which may become dirty"

it is interesting again that an expression changes at every drawing and work, and it should be to a memory of child, of the memory above all; ^^

A feeling of size can afford and may wear long ー く because a neckline, a wrist are rubber use together.

It is a recommended item in a present.

[recommended use]
A present: It is celebration, Christmas a baby gift, a birthday

※It is handmade and produces it one by one. There are some errors in parts of the embroidery, but Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Please confirm Shop-Guide, Terms of Use before an order by all means from "ABOUT".
if there are any questions, Please refer from "CONTACT".


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