Bamboo groves and fireworks glasses [Jade]


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  • It is a very elegant glass carved scallops used in Edo Kiriko, bamboo groves, fireflies, and full moons peeking through round windows and the bottom.

    On the inner side of the glass, bamboo groves spread and the light of fireflies is dancing. In order to reproduce the light light of firefly, this firework sculpts with a distorted circle which is not a mechanical circle and is slightly blurred. The round window on the bottom carefully sculpts the moon and clouds by a technique called "step carving". Pouring a drink, the side bamboo forest and above all, the bottom of the cloud moon fluctuates, it is very stingy.

    You can use it in various scenes such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Respect for Senior Citizen's Day, wedding celebration, 60th birthday celebration etc. For gifts, we also recommend optional paulownia box.

    ■ Point ■
    The covering glass is the one with layers of glass of different color.
    This is a two-layer structure with green on the outside and transparent on the inside, and only the transparent part is left by scraping the outside green part.
    Since the design is designed with only sculpture, there is no discoloration due to washing and aged deterioration which tends to be in the cup of ordinary print. Also, we are not using ink etc, so it is hygienically clean.

    ■ Specifications ■
    Products [bamboo groves and fireworks glasses [jade] (1 piece)]
    Size [W82 (Upper) × H 90 mm] * Because of production convenience, some differences will occur.
    Packing [cardboard + cushion material + newspaper]
    Production place / Production method
    Origin: Japan Handmade
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    意大利US$ 18.11US$ 2.72
    澳门US$ 12.68US$ 2.72
    新加坡US$ 12.68US$ 2.72
    俄罗斯US$ 18.11US$ 0.00
    法国US$ 18.11US$ 2.72
    英国US$ 18.11US$ 2.72
    马来西亚US$ 12.68US$ 2.72
    瑞典US$ 18.11US$ 2.72
    中国大陆US$ 12.68US$ 2.72
    希腊US$ 18.11US$ 2.72
    比利时US$ 18.11US$ 2.72
    日本US$ 10.87US$ 1.82
    南韩US$ 12.68US$ 2.72
    德国US$ 18.11US$ 2.72
    香港US$ 12.68US$ 2.72
    台湾US$ 12.68US$ 2.72
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Bamboo groves and fireworks glasses [Jade]

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