【Made in Japan】 Harokka x irohana | shimotsuki wallpaper

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【Made in Japan】 Harokka x irohana | shimotsuki wallpaper


【motif】 This beautiful design reminds us of the coming of winter with its colored branches. The overlapping and spreading dead branches give a modern impression. 【size】 width 71cm * height 2m80cm 【quantity】 1 sheet 【How to paste】 A sticker type wallpaper that does not require any special tools. You can paste it on the wallpaper. 1. Measure the size of the wall where you wish to hang the wallpaper and clean the wall surface. Measure the width and height of the wall where you wish to hang the wallpaper and make a note of these dimensions. Also, if there are any contaminants or dusty areas on the wall, clean them off in advance and wipe the wall with a damp cloth. *If you wipe the wall with a damp cloth, be sure to dry the surface thoroughly. *Please note that, since the standard height of our wallpaper is 2.80m, it cannot be used on walls that are 2.75m tall or taller. 2. Decide where you wish to begin hanging the wallpaper and draw a vertical baseline on the wall surface. Decide whether to begin hanging the wallpaper from the left or right edge of the target wall surface. Make a mark on the wall surface 70cm from the starting position in the direction that you wish to hang the wallpaper. Use a pushpin to hang a button tied to a string from the mark. Use a pencil to draw a vertical line (baseline) along the string. Using a long string will enable you to draw a longer baseline, which will make it easier to hang the wallpaper. 3. Temporarily affix the wallpaper in position and begin hanging it along the baseline. Align the wallpaper along the edge of the baseline, and once it is straight, peel off a roughly 10cm-wide section of the backing paper to temporarily affix the sheet to the wall surface. When doing so, be sure to leave a 2-3cm gap between the ceiling and the top of the wallpaper. If there are no problems, begin hanging the wallpaper by peeling off the backing paper little by little and firmly affixing it to the wall surface using a smoothing tool. Affixing it to the wall surface in a way that allows air in the center to escape outward will provide a more attractive finish. 4. Cut off the excess wallpaper at the top and bottom. Once finished affixing all sheets of wallpaper to the wall surface, firmly press on the edges near the ceiling and floor using a smoothing tool to make creases. Then, use a utility knife to slice along the creases in order to cut off the excess wallpaper. How to make clean cuts Use a smoothing tool to firmly crease along the edges. Failing to form proper creases could result in deviations when cutting with the utility knife. 5. Hang the second and subsequent sheets of wallpaper so that the pattern aligns. Hang the second and subsequent sheets of wallpaper using the same procedure as the first sheet. During this step, hang each subsequent sheet of wallpaper so that it overlaps roughly 1cm of the sheet prior to it, while making sure that the pattern aligns. If, while affixing a sheet of wallpaper, you notice that the pattern is not in alignment, slowly peel the sheet back and reaffix it. Hanging order When multiple sheets are purchased, they will be numbered on the back. Please be sure to affix them in order starting from sheet No. 1. Items to prepare Measuring tape, utility knife, pencil, smoothing tool, button, string, pushpin, and stepladder https://actkikaku.co.jp/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/pinkoi_howto.jpg 【please note】 ・It cannot be adhered to wallpaper that has been treated with stain prevention or fluorine coating. ・If you order products with the same design separately, the colors may differ slightly. ・The color on the screen and the color of the product may differ depending on your computer environment. ・If the sticker does not fit the wall material and does not stick, use commercially available glue to apply it.


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The pattern we are introducing is the irohana series based on the design of the Yuzen kimono that once existed. The Japanese pattern used in kimono has a meaning in each motif, adding a bright essence to everyday life.


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