Fluffy snood (winter story) _ Far · merino wool · Kidmoheya · baby alpaca

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We are knitting using five fine wool such as merino wool made in Japan and mohair including alpaca. It is light and very warm. It is a beautiful color snood.



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Fluffy snood (winter story) _ Far · merino wool · Kidmoheya · baby alpaca


Based on brand yarn made in Japan, we use rare mohair including fine merino wool, baby alpaca, super kid etc.
We are not concerned about the thickness, we are hand-knitting with materials and colors, a little luxurious, popular "fluffy snood" series.

"Fluffy snood" is not "plant dyeing", so there is almost no discoloration. Since we received a favorable reception last year, we will deliver it together with a small gift this year.

I imagined the city of snow and knitted, it is fluffy soft snood. With a fine wool with a small loop (ring) of high grade merino wool, I applied a bright gray gradation from white.

It is an elegant hue that makes me feel winter's visit.

In addition, we are woven plenty of five kinds of yarns, such as baby alpaca, kid mohair, mohair with merino wool, acrylic fur with good texture.

The width is about 16 cm, the whole circumference is about 160 cm (the longest, when it is extended most vertically). 176 g.
The length is approximate because it stretches a bit to length and width.

Because fur is knitted, it is light and warm. Mohea, alpaca, wool is also excellent combination of warmth.

Because it combines various yarns and mohair, it is "fluffy snood" full of happiness, excellent in "hygroscopicity" and "heat retention".

Just lightly wraps around, the circumference of your face glows gorgeously, "Healthy Snood" will warm your heart and body. Please enjoy this opportunity.

Atk's "fluffy snood" is created with carefully selected wool of high-quality material, which is not so common in commercially available snoods, aiming at a feminine one with beautiful not only practical use, skin-friendly, beautiful color .

Other sites also sell. Should purchases overlap, we will give priority to you as soon as possible after we contact you. Thank you for your understanding.
Material: Fur (100% nylon), wool 100%, acrylic 47% · baby alpaca 38% · wool 9% · nylon 6%, mohaya 56% (super kid mohaya 20% · kid mohair 36%) · merino wool 44% Acrylic 68% - Wool 26% - Polyester 4% - Alpaca 2%

Size: Width of about 16 cm total circumference Approximately 160 cm (longest, it will stretch a bit in length and breadth) ______________________________________________
Production area / production method
Origin: Japan Handmade

◇ We are using fine, thin, soft yarn such as merino wool and kid mohair. Stick strongly, put on hot water, use washing machine and dryer will cause shrinkage, please avoid.

◇ Please wash with water or lukewarm water of 0 ~ 30 ℃, use neutral detergent, gently wash and rinse twice about lightly. (2 to 3 minutes in the whole process.) Please take water softly with a towel and dry.

◇ When storing wool for a long time, it is safe to store it with insect repellent, moisture-proof agent and so on.

◇ In case of ordinary shipment, we also deliver it by packaging.

◇ Gift wrapping is available free of charge.

◇ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime before purchasing.

* Since we are making everything by hand, please understand as the one point which color and shape differ slightly for each work.

* Please confirm the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing.

* The colors on the screen may differ from the actual ones. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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