Lamy genuine hemp dyed check stall orange × red


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  • It is a cool stall of 100% of hemp, called ramie. It is finished with garments hand-woven in Omi, Shiga Prefecture, home of hemp weave, checked by dyeing.

    Rummy is also called hemp, it is a kind of hemp. In Japan long ago he pointed to this ramie as hemp. The linen dealt with in PINT is a varieties called flux of native origin in Europe, but it is a texture with a strong sense of refreshing feeling a little, compared to it. It has been used only for a long time for yukata and so on, and it has been popularly used since the spring to the summer.

    Fabric woven in Omi, Shiga prefecture, home of hemp. In this area on the shore of Lake Biwa, since the water is beautiful, dyeing has been done from long ago, and beautiful hemp fabrics have been continued. Woven pattern of dyed front yarn dyed at the yarn stage is also said to be a characteristic textile of Omi hemp.

    There is only one kind of hemp, yarn color of the dyed finished beautifully. Fabrics of color usage unique to the woven fabric woven around collection brands and fabrics for European brands. Besides the quality as yarn and fabric, it is finished with garments hand rubbing. Traditional manufacturing and finishing, carefully done by handwork.

    Coordinate with plain color, of course, it is nice to match with patterns.

    It is a fabric that was also used for Yukata, so you can use it for a long time from spring to autumn.

    ▼ 3rd photo
    The square of this photo is the same cloth, cross of another work.
    Although the size is different, since the fabric is the same, please look as a reference of the handle.
    The picture is 65 cm × 65 cm. The stall of this work is 55 cm × 160 cm and it is horizontally long.

    Rummy 100% (Hemp)

    Orange × red

    All four sides sewing all three sides

    55 × 160 cm

    I recommend hand washing. Please avoid bleach, detergent with fluorescent whitening agent.
    Production place / Production method
    Origin: Shiga Prefecture Omi Japan
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Lamy genuine hemp dyed check stall orange × red

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