[Necklace] Freshwater Pearl + 14KGF natural texture with baroque pearl charm necklace / BaroqueN01

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[Necklace] Freshwater Pearl + 14KGF natural texture with baroque pearl charm necklace / BaroqueN01


Necklace for those who want to enjoy as simple as possible the natural look of the freshwater pearl.
What irregular that do not have a specific name, such as round or button is called the baroque pearl among the Pearl.
Among them was tailored to the necklace to choose a somewhat square-ish thing.
Also different and the beauty that begins to make the people of the hand, it has fun of chance produce modeling.

Casually slightly larger feeling of size, will shine with a soft chest. Baroque is originally means "distorted", I will give it therefore organic forms is very relaxed impression.
Is exactly the baroque charm also the same thing 2 connected.
Remain always of their own, it is the perfect necklace when you want to add the shine a little bit.

The surface is different from the smooth sphere of pearl, is also of Baroque Pearl features of the surface is uneven.
Pearl shine peculiar of seven colors will emerge in the direction of lighting.

The material such as hook parts K14 Gold filled (K14gfd). Also known as a gold-covered, is a material that 1 occupied by the 14 gold of 20 minutes of the total weight. Since the general coating (plating) than gold part is thick, fewer come off worry, you easily enjoy the sparkle of gold.

* Japanese designer has been one carefully handmade one.
* For handmade products, please understand that there is a possibility that there is some difference between a photograph and the real thing.
* Because of the freshwater pearl is a natural thing, there is a small depression, and the like that.
* Since it has remained in the adhesive, please pay attention to handling so that there is no strong force.

<Aftercare method>
Wipe and sebum with a soft cloth that does not have the abrasive after use.
Gold moiety, such as a chain part, when I have you wash a little wearing, such as the gold-only cleaning solution of liquid, falling dirt, sparkle will return. However, since the Pearl is a cleaning solution disabled, please note that the cleaning solution does not stick.
Since it has remained in the adhesive please take care not to wear, such as in water.

Material / K14 Gold filled (14KGF), freshwater pearl (baroque)
Size / total length of about 40cm
Motif size / baroque pearl length of about 13mm × side about 13mm
Origin / production method
Japanese designer (Hong Kong residents) / handmade items


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