"Cigarette and Fox" schedule notebook for 2017 year

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"Cigarette and Fox" schedule notebook for 2017 year


Let's do it with a handmade notebook in wonderful 2017. I make the cover with the cloth which I dyed in the technique called the print. It is a luxurious notebook of the superior binding that I prepared by oneself from the text. One making of of a color and the notebook of the dyeing is different. I produce it heartily very carefully. The text, 1, the annual calendar of 2017.2018 years. 2, schedule (December, 2016 → January, 2018) of the monthly calendar form 3, ruled line (32) There is it with a monthly calendar in turn. As 4, blank paper 20p. It was simple, and I designed the text for the notebook which it was easy to use. The size is 10.5cm in width, 17.5cm in height, thickness approximately 8mm. For manual labor, the error, please forgive it. I can change it to the increase in free page running out of binding thread, bookmark, inside of a cover, flower or squares and a ruled line. You prefer it to follows, and, please tell me by remarks and a message. 1, binding thread. The image sixth piece ・White of cerise, light blue, bright green, crimson, blue, green, purple, yellow, black, the hemp 2, the bookmark (type for normal books) image seventh piece ・Orange, yellow, light cerise, dark blue , light blue, bright green, white, purple, deep red, green, dark brown ※You can choose two colors that purchase likes a schedule in a week. 3, the bookmark (entering lam thin thread of dazzling) image eighth piece ・Red, white, black, gold, yellow, pink, blue, mintgreen ※you can choose two colors that purchase likes a schedule in a week. 4, the ninth piece inside of a cover (paper of the back of the cover) image waterdrop → wisteria purple, green, crimson, cinnabar red . Chrysanthemum flower design → crimson, bright green, cerise, bright golden yellow .quilting design → light blue, bright green, cerise, bright golden yellow. The image tenth piece running out of 5, flower (the small cloth which I got on on the text quietly) ・Thing using the cloth of Liberty Light blue, pink, purple, green, white contains a design. ・Thing using the cloth which I dyed Red, blue, green, light blue are dark blue, and there are black, many colors including the white. Because you can see only a small part with the notebook, tell me about the hope of a rough color. 6, free page 16 pages of the latter half. I grow 16 pages in technique of the bookbinding. When you want to increase pages further, please talk. 7, a free page of the latter half into a ruled line, squares. I can change the page of the blank paper of the latter half into the color of the favorite line, width, a ruled line and squares of the size. It is only a free page like 20p of the latter half to be changed. The monthly calendar of the text, ①Monday opening ②Sunday opening But, there is it. Please tell me about your hope. The holiday is the same as a Japanese calendar. I bind the text with a thread and I put hemp in a back and am easy to open and produce it by the manufacturing method of strong superior binding carefully. If order is placed, I produce by one book. It may take time by the situation of the order, but is going to be completed in approximately one week. I guide you by an email on a shipment due date.


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