Vase with cross section of shellfish

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Vase with cross section of shellfish


A flower set showing a cross section cut off the shells by span. Contrast between the surface of the shell of the flat and the three-dimensional part at the rear creates a unique atmosphere. It is also like ammonite. In the cross section of the shell of the whole surface, the sense of rhythm of the shell is given with Izu earth pattern. Even if it is decorated like this it is a presence of strange shellfish, and occasionally you can decorate flowers and use it as a flower vase, flower vase, as a single vase. When I insert a flower I can see the flowers from the back of the shell a bit and it makes me feel smiley. Izu earth pattern I did not clay the clay that I digged with Izu, stick it thinly and paste it on the cloth, and the black part when I dug the soil is burning out a natural pattern as it is. Earth's original pattern emerges. Izu earth is designed as an accent of pottery, and I create it everyday. Although the glaze is not hung on the part of Izu soil, it is baked and water repellent is also applied after firing, so water does not penetrate into this part. Please enjoy the texture because the pattern is different in part. It will not peel off with a slight impact (such as scratching). But if you apply a strong impact (the body itself cracks) it lacks. There is no change in color after use. You can use a microwave. Dishwasher can be used (however, detergent with abrasive is not acceptable). Oven is not allowed. I apply white whitening soil to the whole. Although it is hanging white glaze on the inside, a light blue glaze is hung on the mouth part where a flower is inserted. Width 195 mm × height 150 mm × depth 150 mm Weight: 890 g This item is pottery. ● It becomes an actual article of a picture. * Since we are making everything by hand, please understand as the one point which color and shape differ slightly for each work. Since patterns are improvised, the pattern differs slightly one by one. Unless stated as "actual item", it will be different from the picture. Though we send you, if you would like to see a picture such as color taste, please send a message "Photograph hope" from the banner "Ask questions and consult about this work" before ordering.


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