Mini forehead original 【Symphony to give to you】


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    It becomes an original drawing drawn with the heart so that it becomes healing, joy, happiness, smile of the one you see
  • I'm sorry, this picture is sold out.
    When ordering, I will draw the same picture.

    There is also one point mini amount.
    If the same amount can not be prepared, we will frame with another mini amount that fits the picture.
    In the case of another amount, we will be able to choose as much as possible.
    For details, please contact us.


    title 【Symphony to give to you】

    I draw it using ink, facial color.
    By coloring, there is a slightly sparkling part.

    Because it will be a small picture, please check the size.

    ◼ ︎
    Forest size is about 80 x 76 mm · screen size is about 36 X 31 mm.

    ◼ ︎
    The framed mini amount is the amount made using the edge material of the high-end frame,
    It will be in stock or a few.

    ◼ ︎
    Edge material, and sometimes called antique tones,
    There are also things with small scratches and scratches.

    ◼ ︎

    The surface of the screen is glass (it becomes acrylic by forehead)
    The back side has a triangular hanging metal fitting.
    A box is not attached.

    ◼ ︎
    When sold out, I will draw it.
    If the same amount can not be delivered, I will frame it to another mini amount that fits the picture.
    The screen size will be around somewhat.

    ◼ ︎
    Drawing down, and arrival of the amount, it may take more than one month time.
    Please contact us for time etc.

    ◼ ︎
    The color may look different on the monitor and the real ones.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    ◼ ︎
    Because it is on sale elsewhere, it may become sold out due to misplacement.
    In addition, prices are subject to change without prior notice.
    Please acknowledge it.

    ◼ ︎
    Depending on fluctuations in the weight of the forehead, it may differ from the actual shipping cost.
    I am sorry, but because I can not refund on the system,
    Please acknowledge it and I am pleased if you can purchase it.

    ◼ ︎
    If you order more than 6000 yen in total, you will receive 1 postcard.
    Please inform us of your desired postcard number from among postcards under sending.
    If you do not wish, we will select here.

    Thank you very much.

    Production area / production method
    Origin Japan hand-painted
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    英国US$ 7.74US$ 3.42
    澳门US$ 6.57US$ 2.25
    新加坡US$ 6.57US$ 2.25
    马来西亚US$ 6.57US$ 2.25
    中国大陆US$ 6.57US$ 2.25
    日本US$ 4.59US$ 0.00
    泰国US$ 6.57US$ 2.25
    台湾US$ 6.57US$ 2.25
    香港US$ 6.57US$ 2.25
    所有其他国家/地区US$ 9.00US$ 4.77
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Mini forehead original 【Symphony to give to you】

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