"Drunky fox" schedule notebook or your favorite notebook

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"Drunky fox" schedule notebook or your favorite notebook


I'm just flinching my feet so if I look into something, I'm drunk and foxes. Is not it a little good? A fox that was stingyly dyed tail of the tail. I dyed such an image with dyed fabric and made it into a notebook. Since it is tailored after ordering, ☆ Schedule notebook beginning in April 2016 (Please read carefully until the end of the explanation for details.) ☆ Border lines and grid lines, solid color (You can make line widths and colors as you like) We would like to make it as easy to use as your orderer. * Sometimes you will receive extra charges such as size, thickness, text change specifications. It is about 4 to 8 days until completion. I am sorry it took me a while but I will carefully produce it We appreciate your understanding. The body is printed with pigment ink, and it becomes strong against water wetness. (Since it is paper, be careful not to get too much water) The cover is dyed with a dye. There are cases in which the image and the color shake are different or there is color blur, Please enjoy it as a characteristic of dyeing the same thing never dyed again. Body is bound with thread, lined with hemp It is manufactured with a durable manufacturing method that is easy to open. Width 10, 5 cm, height 17, 5 cm, width is about 8 mm. You can also change the size, but the size of the mold is fixed It may become a picture of a cover different from the image. Please contact us for details. Binding from text to cut, dyeing the cover, until assembly I make it all by hand. I am careful, but due to the characteristics of handmade, Distortion and color bleeding etc. may be seen. If you are interested please contact us before ordering. When your order comes in, we will assemble the body and cover and ship it. Depending on the status of your order, it may take some time, We will inform you of the shipping schedule date by e-mail. When the notebook is broken within one year, We will respond to repair / return / exchange for free. Please do not hesitate to contact us. * Inside images are sample images. ☆ About contents of 2016 schedule notebook In the text, 1, monthly calendar format schedule (April 2016 - April 2017) 2, a monthly ruled line (32 lines) that can also be used as a single word diary that can be written one line a day Annual calendar of 3, 2016, 2017 4, a blank blank page And the pages are connected in order. We designed the text aiming for a simple and easy to use notebook. The monthly calendar in the body, ① Monday beginning ② Sunday beginning there is. Please inform us of either by remarks. There is also a monthly calendar + weekly calendar text. (+300 yen) Since it has sent as "notebook option / weekly schedule" Please purchase with us. You can also choose the color of the back cover paper, bookmark, flower break. If you have a color you would like please contact us with a message.


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