Satellite flower corsage pink type


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    A corsage of the image of picking a flower blooming Sansaka flower.
  • *** Hanoka corsage ***
    Petals one by one, cutting, dyeing, scraping, shaping of dough etc.
    It is an artificial flower of a one-point thing which is all hand-made.
    This corsage is one of a kind.
    Here is 1 point mono.

    Corsage of the image gently picking branches of Sayaka (Sazakan).

    With flowing petals with silk movement
    Based on beige pink, I dyed it with shading.

    Come to the graduation ceremony and the entrance ceremony as well.

    ■ Size ■
    Flower size Size length and width (approx) 10 cm
    Overall length (approx) 14 cm
    Height (approx) 6 cm

    ■ Material ■
    Silk hardware
    Production area / production method
    Made in Japan.

    ● customs duties ● DDU at your place.
    Sometimes you may be charged customs duties.
    If that happens, please pay.
    customs duties, please payment on arrival.
    Tax cannnot be caluculated in the shipping stage from Japan.
    Depending on the country of the addressee, customs duties may occur. (We do not know about tariffs here.)
    If custom duty is applied, please pay at customer for delivery.
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Satellite flower corsage pink type

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