Flip pearl pierce M 14kgf Pearl Earrings

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Flip pearl pierce M 14kgf Pearl Earrings


Material: 14kgf, Japanese shell based pearl (pearl shell), plastic pearl (catch)

Size: Height 3.5cm, Wide1cm

Weight: about 2g

A pierced earring made by 14kgf wire with Japanese shell based pearl.
Please use pearl catch (pearl with an air nuts) in front of the ear
after flip the post of earring.

14kgf is 14k gold filled on brass wire.
14kgf much less likely to cause metal allergies than conventional materials.
(There are personal differences)

1week ~ 2week to delivery By International e-packet from Japan Post.
Tracking number will be provided.

Please handle with care due to fragile parts.
There are some differences of size because of handmade.
We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Thank you.

Material: 14kgf, made in Japan shellfish Pearl, plastic pearl catch

Size: Length of about 3.5cm, next to 1cm
Of pearl shell size: 8mm Pearl catch of size: 6mm

Weight: about 2g (one ear)

Pearl catch is located at the top of the piercing post
Earrings for one ear of the person wearing a little unusual.
From insert the earrings, flipping once
Attach the Pearl catch in the place I came to the front of the ear.

Because the post is not jumping out the back side of the earlobe
Such as the catch of the clothes is not worrisome.

And there is for the left ear for the right ear.
Because the way to wear is a little different from the conventional Pierce,
Get used to it is recommended that you attached while watching such as a mirror.

14kgf is relatively safe if you have a metal allergy
You can where I am with.
It will deliver an image of the package (product is an image).

The 14kgf
The brass of the core is what K14 (14 gold) was crimped by high heat and pressure.
Because it is usually made of 100 times thicker layer of gold, you will be able to enjoy long for little come come off even if used for a long period of time.
It looks there is a sense of quality in pure gold, sometimes called material that can if anything is relatively safe for those who are allergic (last there are individual differences.) In the West is a very popular material.

The Japanese-made pearl shell
It is an artificial pearl that was built based on the shells. Domestic pearl shell is also referred to as the traditional crafts,
There is a feature that strong in beauty and sweat and discoloration close to this pearl.
You can feel free to use it to the extent that I am clean and easy cloth after use.

please note
Handmade for you there are some errors may occur.
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays .. day off, please note.
- We are using the delicate material. Crush, or drop, and give excessive force, it will be the cause of the deformation and damage, please handle it gently.
Origin / production method
handmade in japan


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