Egg toast clock / Imitation food table clock / made in Japan / RealGift /

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This table clock is often used in gift scenes. Imitation food clock creator Suzuki Osamu made it.


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Egg toast clock / Imitation food table clock / made in Japan / RealGift /


Product name : Egg toast clock / Imitation food table clock / made in Japan / RealGift /

The face of the clock is an imitation food that realistically reproduces the bread of the toast.
But this is not food.

We painted burnt color numbers on the imitation food of elaborate toast bread.
It is a wall clock of toast that looks delicious.

[[ Characteristic ]]
1. Looks is very delicious.
2. A practical and interesting.
3. It will soften your heart.
4. A skilled craftsman manufactured it by hand-made.
5. Made in Japan.

State of toast parts.
It looks like the real thing and it looks delicious.

[[ Introduction of imitation food ]]
Imitation food was born about 100 years ago.
In Japan today, everyone knows and is familiar to everyone.

The original usage of it will be a food sample of the restaurant.
We use imitation food on the face of the clock.
Material is plastic.It is looks delicious shape but you can not eat it.

[[ About hands of the clock ]]
The hands of the clock to sell are exposed.
In order to prevent unexpected injuries, please pay careful attention to it of handling.
If the clock hand is bent, please remove the battery and gently repair it without applying excessive force.

[[ About color tone of image ]]
Because products are handmade one by one, there are individual differences.
There may be color tone and difference of products depending on your personal computer monitor setting and shooting light source.

[[ Delivery time ]]
The delivery time is estimated to be approximately 3-6 days after shipment.
Please understand there will be delays depending upon customs clearance and other various conditions of transportation.
Delivery date cannot be specified.

[[ Note on ordering ]]
When ordering please write your name and address in English.
If you do not write in English, We will cancel your order.

[[Product Data}}
#Product manufacturing country
Japan (Tokyo)
#Product manufacturers
#Use material
Toast body : PVC
Clock body : Plastic
Clock hands: Aluminum
Height : about12cm
Width : about12cm
Tthickness : about 4cm
The thickness is from the back of the movement to the second hand.
About 260grams
#Clock mechanism
Monthly difference plus or minus 3 minutes(1.5V・25℃)
Made in Japan
Second hand type: step
The stand
This product is not food.
Because products are handmade one by one, the finish may differ slightly from the photo.
(Hue and difference of the product may occur due to monitor setting or shooting light source.)
Because clock hands exposure, please use in places out of reach of children.
If clock hand is bent, remove the battery and please gently return it without putting too much pressure on it. You can return it.
If dust adheres, please remove with a vacuum cleaner.
Please read the attached manual carefully before using.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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