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  • It is a bracelet of a simple two-tone color.
    Easy removal because there is other than and flexibility!

    The things that was output by 3D printer, it was produced by a combination of Kimekomi that have been used in traditional crafts like.

    It becomes fo-d craft specification of digital jewelry (R) × Kimekomi bracelet.

    When ordering, please let us know the desired color.

    [Color] (Table PVC leather, the back is the fabric of the suede.)
    White / Black

    White / Brown

    About 77mm (W) x77mm (D) x28mm (H)

    Production landscape from here

    **Notes at the time of the purchase**

    -Order production and the convenience of the manufacturing process, you get time of two weeks before shipping.
    And individual differences by might be easy to deviate from the arm Please note.
    If you want to damage to be forced to bend it to you there, please note.
    - Shades of the image might be different from the real thing.
    · You are using a 3D printer, but please note that there are times when that occurs is a difference in quality.
    - Direct sunlight, please stop use of high temperature and high humidity.
    • You have to check before shipment, but there are cases where dough yelling paste at a temperature change of under delivery floats.
    Please the floating portion such cases hold down well with your fingers.
    It is subject to change and specifications Please note.
    If you have, any questions, please contact us.
  • 国际运费
    美国US$ 8.15US$ 1.36
    加拿大US$ 8.15US$ 1.36
    澳大利亚US$ 8.15US$ 1.36
    澳门US$ 8.15US$ 1.36
    新加坡US$ 8.15US$ 1.36
    英国US$ 8.15US$ 1.36
    马来西亚US$ 8.15US$ 1.36
    中国大陆US$ 8.15US$ 1.36
    日本US$ 1.09US$ 0.00
    台湾US$ 8.15US$ 1.36
    香港US$ 8.15US$ 1.36
    南韩US$ 8.15US$ 1.36
    所有其他国家/地区US$ 10.87US$ 1.36
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