Handmade watch HandCraftWatch hand-rolled "GUN BOAT-BHW" GD / BR [BHW061]

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手作り时计 渡辺工房  Hand Craft Watch "Watanabe-KOBO"

手作り时计 渡辺工房 Hand Craft Watch "Watanabe-KOBO" 逛设计馆

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Handmade watch HandCraftWatch hand-rolled "GUN BOAT-BHW" GD / BR [BHW061]


* To enter the production after receiving your order. We will wait as much as three weeks to 1 month until delivery *
* Has become the stock 1, but you all made to order. Top Masu one month for your time from about three weeks to deliver. *
Mechanical hand-wound model. Is a skeleton specification that the movement of the machine can enjoy.
Retro feel of brass of the texture and the mechanical movement has exquisitely match.
And bezel marked sterically low 1 to 12 of the number, is three-dimensional and bold impact a model with a double structure of the bezel engraved with the minute display.
Is the impact a roundhouse body of case diameter of about 42mm.
Shifting the crown to the 4 o'clock position, we have to reduce the per to the wrist.
Since it is a hand-wound model, it will stop and not wound up.
Rolled up as far as it will go, we will continue to work half a day to a day.
- Case: brass
Belt: This leather (tanning the leather) dark brown
China made 17 Ishite Movement use gold color
Case diameter of about 42mm / thickness of about 12mm / total length of about 26cm / belt width of about 20mm
* There is no waterproof. Please note that water is also in use at normal.
* It is the hand-winding. It will stop and not wind the mainspring.
* The error 2-3 minutes of a day Please think the allowable range.
* The warranty period is one year from purchase. However will only mechanical failure. Because in the case of warranty loss will repair for a fee be less than one year, warranty card, please keep it in a safe place.

**Notes at the time of purchase**

Since it is not waterproof, please pay attention to water.
Since all made to order, it will one month for your time from about three weeks to deliver.


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