Pyramid Single Earrings (Supercritical)


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    It is a pyramid type pierced with blue triangular pyramid confined with crystal resin luxuriously.
  • It is a pyramid type pierced with blue triangular pyramid confined with crystal resin luxuriously.
    Solid, liquid, gas. Did not you forget another one? What? It is supercritical! ! ! !
    (Although a substance is generally in a state of solid, liquid, or gas, increasing the temperature and pressure, when it exceeds a certain point (critical point), it easily dissolves the substance like a liquid, like a gas It has a property of both liquid and gas which shows a large diffusion rate to this.This substance is called a supercritical fluid.It is made by making carbon dioxide, alcohol, water etc into a supercritical fluid, It can be utilized in a wide range of fields such as food, energy, environment, medicine etc. Since it is in a supercritical state at low temperature, it can be used for extraction of food ingredients and sterilization of precision instruments such as medical instruments etc.)
    …Hmm. Somehow intelligence! ! ! ! !
    Although it is a single earring, it has become a luxurious and prominent gem! ! !
    Since it is a resin earring without metal parts, it can be installed with peace of mind even for metal allergy.
    Please keep in mind handling because vertex is somewhat sharp.
    This is a single earring with only one side.

    Square pyramid with a side length of 1.9 cm
    Weight one ear approximately 4 g

    Weight is approximate. Because it is handmade, it does not become exactly the same design as a picture.
    Although it is slight, the size may be different. Also, please be aware that there may be bubbles or slight distortion etc.
    Resin (epoxy resin) products have heat-sensitive properties. Please note that storage and use in places where it becomes hot as it may cause deformation / discoloration.
    Production area / production method
    made in Japan
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    所有其他国家/地区US$ 7.02US$ 1.76
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Pyramid Single Earrings (Supercritical)

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