Wallet 【Garcia】 # cognac

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Wallet 【Garcia】 # cognac


I want the wallet that I want to be together forever.
Being simple, easy to use, to be able to continue using with long attachment.
I am making one point for each such thought.
We name the product with love, mark it a serial number, and present it to you.
Please stay with me for a long time.

------ Policy
One piece packing for perpetuating eternal life.
Easy to use, easy to use, consultation for the succession of the successor.
One - to - one thoughtful way of thinking.
I am one person family name and love affair, Ikkiri knitting number, I'm sorry.
Demand pending Closing time Time flock.

Simple and witty design.
It is a rational design that fulfills a function that is formed from only one leather.
Put a cut in one piece of leather, make a slit, Because it is made by rolling and rolling, it has a seamless leather, it is rugged and lasts long lasting.
The curves born because it is a single leather are very beautiful, familiar gently to hands.
Since I put a big fabric on the opposite side of the card pocket, it will not hurt my leather and it will not hurt.

---------- Design
Easy-to-understand design.
Shape authority one piece lump leather molding, crawling one piece rational design satisfaction function.
Grasp reduction single piece leather, single piece cut, meaningfulness rounded off, folded, incomplete endurance uncalcined leather seamstress.
Factorial regeneration, causality, dermatitis 1 case Emergency drift curve, hand mixing.
Conflict of large size light 纖 カ mouth bag, incompetence unsustainable leather scratch.

Italy is a Tuscan tanner, using high quality natural leather tanned by the technique cultivated in a long tradition.
This long tradition and this beautiful leather created by skilled craftsmen 's handicraft gets moist and moist, moist and deep enough to wear out, and shows a glossy feeling of transparency.

---------- Leather
利 卡 卡 卡 的 的 經 經 經 經 曬 曬 由 由 已 已 久 的 的
Wu Jianhua Lingfeng, Yuan Sheng Yuan skilled artisan, Tide Susumu Mature handcrafted creation completed crowdy drifting leather, increased depth of penetration, provided as an extraordinary glossy transparent Misawa.

Squeezing the fruit juice of young astringent persimmon, fermented and matured persimmon juice.
The soft coloration unique to natural dyes and the texture of fluffy texture and brush eyes are in harmony with the beauty of leather which changes over time.

---------- Placing fee
擠 年 輕 輕 輕 輕 澀,,, 已 pass fermentation aged aged.
Natural dye duality, quality earthquake wave impression texture printing impression, harmony leather feeling sensation sumito coloration society time change.

Material: leather
Size: W190 x H95 x D30
Pocket: 11 (large pocket 2, card 6, card inside 2 card, business card pocket 1)
Wallet room: 2
Production place / Production method
Made in Japan Handmade

---------- Standard
Material: Leather
Measure: W190 X H95 X D30
Mouth bag: 11 (2 large bags, 6 K, vote room 2 inside, name bag 1)
Bill's Room: 2


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