[Order production] 950 Silver Square & Circle design Ring "flexible" <unisex> 7-20 No.


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    ☆ Material: 950 Silver, thickness 1mm, width of about 15mm

    ☆ design: SQUARE (square) and Circle (circle) design,
    It is stands for "flexible"!
    Or "... to consider the square things round," when you hit a brick wall.

    ☆ size: No. 7 20 No.
    ※ When ordering, not please let us know your desired size.
    ※ If you wish to size No. 21-29 is, rather than a dedicated page on the same page
    Please order. In the case of the smaller size of your choice above,
    Please consult before ordering.
    Because it is a ring that is not connected ※, Although it is possible some of the size adjustment,
    Not touch gently.
    Frequently to ride a bike ※ (squeezing the handle), something in the palm of the hand
    When the operation of such grab fullest, is a possibility that the ring may be slightly distorted
    There. Each time, it will be that the loss prevention am shaping.

    The silver plate to draw a design, we will cut off his design in coping saw.
    Inside the circle is cut out in one single jig saw, it is chamfered with iron filings,
    It refines it to a certain extent become shiny.
    And raw and (warmed in Ginban the fire of flame) with fire by using the core rod
    It prepares the form of a ring.
    Again, and honed in the ring until shiny, it is finished!

    The so we have a little drawn to asymmetry position of Square & Circle,
    It will be also different your face when you upside down.
    In addition, wear with the joint of the ring to the table as the photograph of the 5th
    It is also possible to get.

    Since the ring is not connected, your favorite finger by the day
    It is possible to wear your. For example, in the case of your wear in the middle finger and index finger,
    And you received your order in the way of fine size, when you wear a thick finger, and gently
    And who can spread the ring it is possible you wear.
    Even if you could expand a little when've been swollen evening, guests wear comfortably.

    ※ In order to prevent damage in the form of a ring, we will send in BOX packing.
    We are taking into account the strength in thickness 1mm ※, but because of the frame design,
    Strong burden there is a possibility that take the ring is distorted.
    And the top gently handling, is available BOX which will be sent to when you carry
    Please no.

    Silver square &amp; circle design ring "flexile" <Unisex>
    Origin / production method
    Japan handmade JAPAN Handmade
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    所有其他国家/地区US$ 15.57US$ 4.53
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[Order production] 950 Silver Square &amp; Circle design Ring "flexible" <unisex> 7-20 No.

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