[October limited] Halloween: Pierce


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  • It is October limited color of the popular series.
    When it comes to October
    Pumpkin and bat full of the city.
    Now! event Halloween adults also can enjoy children
    Soon it will come.
    Purple, orange, black.
    To formulate the three colors Halloween color.
    Color shell and glass, since it is colored using both,
    It finished in a nice rich colors.
    Look for adult women, it is the adult Halloween color.
    Color sets off, simple form.
    It is produced by blending the color in one by one by hand,
    Only one of the shades in the world.
    large round and form that was chosen to color shine
    The sparkle of the side surface of the transparent glass
    To mature atmosphere.
    The earrings that will along with a flower in everyday dress.
    Since this series is also available other colors,
    Please look for the color of your choice those who are worried.
    Because it summarizes the work list in the following page,
    Please take advantage of.
    ※ The photograph for the sample, and the goods to actually deliver color attitude is slightly different.
    Because you are colored at one point one point manually, you do not put out the same color as one.
    That effect, on the customer consents, Please order.
    It will be sold this month = October only.
    It does not do since November resale,
    Please order those who are worried in October.
    Materials used:
    Plated metal, cut glass, color shell, resin
    ※ The metal allergy is not supported. Sorry people of allergy, but please refrain from your order.
    A diameter of about 1.2 centimeters
    Post date: 2015/10/1
    ************************************************** ******
    ※ The photograph and in the real thing, there is the case that shades may look different.
    ※ and bubbles, small dust, slight distortion, there is the case that irregularities such as certain.
    Please refrain from the order those who are worried.
    We are Otsukuri carefully ※, Do not apply excessive force, please note that there is a risk of damage and strongly Pi~tsuParu.
    If you have to be anxious ※, please contact us in advance.
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[October limited] Halloween: Pierce

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