【14 KGF】 Necklace, Crescent Moon


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    Eight small grains of cubic zirconia glittering beautifully It is a simple crescent moon necklace.
  • 【14KGF】 Necklace, 16KGP Crescent Moon

    14KGF chain with delicate 16K Gold Plated (16K · Gold coated brass) 8 grains CZ (cubic zirconia) Crescent moon is a necklace that treated with crescent moon.
    It is also recommended to superimpose different necklaces of different designs.
    It is a necklace that you can enjoy from casual to formal regardless of the season.

    ◆ Material
    * 16KGP Necklace except top, metal fittings are all using 【14KGF】.
    · 14KGF chain / metal fittings
    · 16 KGP CZ (10 × 10 mm)
    · Natural stone

    ◆ Size
    * << 14 KGF chain size >>
    · "Regular size": 40 cm + 5 cm adjuster

    * We will attach the natural stone Gold Hematite to the 5 cm adjuster.

    ■ This 14KGF necklace is gentle to your skin derived from plant ingredients "Oxidation /
    We have applied a discoloration prevention coating agent. We are using 14KGF
    Chain is "oxidation / discoloration prevention", 14KGF material "20K (carat) of
    Gold coating is given. Excellent for skin derived from plant ingredients
    Double "double oxidation / anti-discoloration" coating and 20k gold coating
    By "oxidation / discoloration prevention" processing, you can enjoy the luxury of gold for a long time.

    ◆◆ 14KGF (14 gold filed)
    14 KGF (14 gold field) so-called "Gold Filled"
    It is called. Material coated with gold as the core by high heat and pressure
    When the weight of the gold layer is 1/20 or more of the total weight, it is called gold filled (Gold Filled)
    And 14 KGF is 14 kilos over 1/20 of the product weight. Easily genuine gold shine
    You can enjoy it, it is popular material in the West. Also, it is difficult to cause metal allergy
    It is said.

    ※ 14 KGF is considered to be a material hard to cause metal allergy, but there are individual differences
    So, when you feel anomaly please refrain from using immediately, please consult a specialist.

    ◆ Gold Plated (Gold Plated)
    Generally, the earth is brass and we have gold coatings of 14k, 16k, 22k, 24k and so on.
    You can enjoy the real gold atmosphere easily.
    Production area / production method
    Origin Japan Handmade
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【14 KGF】 Necklace, Crescent Moon

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