Cheeky and black cat: half sleeve dress: unbleached

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Cheeky and black cat: half sleeve dress: unbleached


Eyes charm point was pungent. Cheeky black cat chan You can lie to the carefree, you can stretch You have a variety of facial expressions, show us the gesture. Dying to dress ♪ the cat lover Natural taste of cotton linen fabric. Colors are three colors The [unbleached, blue gray, Leaf Green] Adults seems colors, Merely flashy in total handle, chic atmosphere. ※ from each product page, thank you for your order, respectively. In the case of bulk buying, no additional shipping. ▼ spacious one-size-fits-all ▼ Length (from the center back to hem): 83cm Width (connecting the left and right side and the side straight line): 49cm Sleeve (cuff aside from): 23cm Cuff width: 17cm Once you wash in the washing machine, with measurements in a state in which ironed. Even Maternity is OK ♪ ▼ material ▼ 80% cotton, 20% cotton, linen, hemp canvas Unlined There is a sense of NEP (texture like fuzz), but is due to the characteristics of the fabric, not in the scratch. And into the net, washing OK at home. Please refrain from use of the dryer. Due to the nature of the fabric, wrinkle-shrinkage is caused by your laundry. ▼ △ ▼ △ ▼ △ ▼ △ ▼ △ ▼ △ ▼ △ ▼ △ ▼ △ ▼ [On top of all your note about the following, thank you to advance your order] ★ So who can by all means cherish, wholeheartedly You are Otsukuri carefully. However, because of handmade goods, and the durability of the low, a little of shades of color, distortion, there are individual differences in the attitude of the pattern. The photograph is a sample. There is a case where the type of tag is changed. By use of the PC environment, etc., might the appearance of the real thing and the color is different. Size thing therefore of roughly that measured in flat, there are some errors. ★ Relates to the order reception and shipping status, etc., it does not do contact with the individual. Or e-mail to be delivered automatically, please confirm purchase history. ★ Please confirm Estimated period of up to dispatch] Always. Same day shipping is we do not do. [Before ordering] If you hurry, please contact us. Period will be changed from time to time. Period at the time your order will be applied. ★ Color, size, about delivery other, [before ordering If there is any questions, etc. Please contact us. It does not correspond to fill in the remarks column when ordering. ★ Returned or exchanged repair are not heard at all. As long as the initial failure article, I will carry out any of the correspondence returned goods exchange repair. Please contact me within three days after goods arrival. [It will be deemed to have all our acknowledgment for the above at the time of ordering; Origin / production method Origin Japan handmade


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