Skull Pendant laden Mokugyo


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  • It is a pendant of the skull, which had a wooden fish.
    Netsuke of the Edo era has become a model.
    Dead or are you memorial themselves yourself, you have cherished likely to suffer from Mokugyo.
    Along with the Pokupoku Pokupoku Mokugyo of sound, it is a fun piece that variously imagination swells.
    From behind that seiza is cute in the best (laughs)

    Item: Pendant
    Bullion: 925 Silver

    Size: vertical 19mm horizontal 12mm

    ● ○ ● When ordering, it is to read the following items always, thank you for your order on who acknowledge. ● ○ ●

    ※ I hope in a basically no claim no return.
    Please do not hesitate to ask a question before ordering If there is a point to be worried about.

    ※ little shades of color because it is handmade goods, subject to individual differences. Please be forewarned.

    ※ differences and of your monitor, the color may look different from the actual ones due to differences in configuration. Please be forewarned.

    ※ If metal allergy, please note.

    ※ You can hurt in the pointed part, because it is very dangerous and would swallow by mistake, Please keep management in place that do not reach the hands of small children.

    Please note that the handling so that it will not be hurt in the needle ※.
    To those put free the eye of a needle.
    Please use by opening a pre-hole if you put in hard materials.

    ※ cloisonne item in the vitreous. Please note in handling because there is a possibility that is divided by the impact.

    ※ Since the "Piercing of post" and narrow part such as "pin brooch pin" is easy to bend to handling Please note.

    It is allowed to free wrapping If you have any hope of gift wrapping ※
    Please describe the necessary information in the purchase form because itadakimasu.
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Skull Pendant laden Mokugyo

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