Lot of soybean pattern chick

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Recommended for hot water and small bowls, dessert cups


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Lot of soybean pattern chick


It is a side dish of soybean pattern which is popular as kimono pattern. I mixed two kinds of soil and painted iron paint on a bore on a base material that gave a deep soil and painted it one by one with a technique called dyeing (braiding). You can grill with firing method called reduction firing, enjoy a calm atmosphere and vivid blue. A little mouth spreads so that it can be used as a coffee cup or free cup. It is recommended as a drinking cup, a small bowl, a dessert cup, as well as putting soba sauce. It is a form that comes in hand, so you can enjoy various ways of using it. How about a present as a lucky charm? · Contents: 1 piece · Material: Pottery - Size: Diameter of about 86 to 90 × height of about 57 to 62 mm About delivery date ■ It may be absent at an event etc, so in case of hurry please contact us. ■ Points to note when purchasing 1. Range ○ Dishwasher ○ Steamed dish ○ Frozen storage ○ Oven × Direct fire × Because it is weak to sudden temperature change, please be careful in rapid rapid heat quenching. 2. Please wash well immediately after use, please dry well. It may cause mold. 3. There may be cases like cracks on the surface of some of the vessels. This is called "penetration" and occurs during firing due to the difference in shrinkage ratio between glaze and soil. For penetration, colors such as tea and soup are easy to penetrate, and patterns changed by the year and month are loved by tea ceremonies as a "scenery" of pottery from long ago. If you are worried about, use bleach for dishware, etc. will approach the former. 4. If you let me get through the water every time before use, it will be hard to soak dirt and smell. 5. In rare cases there are vessels that are slightly colored red or pink, this is called a book (magazine), and the iron in the soil is colored red during firing. It is an interesting reaction with high accidentality and different ways of expressing it even when firing under the same conditions. Of course, there is no problem in using it. Utter of Kikakikaku is produced assuming easy-to-use everyday use. Although we carefully inspected everything, we rarely see flickering, edge roughness, distortion, pinholes (air holes), bleeding of paints and the like. Also, the difference in painting by brush strokes, the difference in shape by the potter's attitude, the presence or absence of a book due to kiln firing are different. We would be pleased if you enjoyed it as a feature of making pottery that is not found in industrial products including them.


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