Beams I sloppy of plastic board brooch


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  • It is a plastic board brooch using the illustrations were hand-painted in watercolor.
    We offer a hedgehog of a soft impression.
    ※ Please tell the color of your request always when ordering.
    : Material:
    Coating resin resin
    Base plastic board
    Brooch bracket metal
    Other acrylic paint (for backing) varnish (for backing protection) and adhesives
    Vertical 35mm horizontal 50mm

    **Notes at the time of the purchase**

    The [ask of when it comes to the purchase]
    Since it is produced by one point in the handmade, you get a subtle difference to that of the photograph. If you are our considering the purchase, thank you to acknowledge there. You may also air bubbles enter into the resin. Please understand as individual differences of the product.
    Plastic board you have a coated with resin resin on top of, because that would contain air between when folded will of plastic board and resin, please note.
    Although some of the water wetting is okay, you can wash while attached to your clothes, use a whole, such as soak in the water please avoid.
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Beams I sloppy of plastic board brooch

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