Dawn mud star cat grass


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  • It is extremely rare glass glass overlap of three layers of green / Asagi / purple than inside.
    This work uses the Edo glass that inherits the traditional methods from the Edo period.
    Rarely Not me that it would occur at the boundary of the late-night and morning?
    When I could not sleep well twice, you have to enjoy a walk of this no one time zone.
    But it is going to or has taken some reason haze to the entire town only when such.
    All around it have silent as true, only his footsteps echoing.
    Of that peculiar, I like the solemn atmosphere.
    It called the return opened the border between night and morning in archaic of Ryukyu.
    My black cat I me always lying, but I or looking out on the windowsill when woke up occasionally eye. Or it was late at night or was sunset as long also dawn.
    I thought that Once you have glass a black cat in the motif of one day has finally come true.
    And I began to me for a work from the end of May of this year, but with it went cat grass is Morawa to various places to welcome.
    Sunset cat, night cat gilt-filled star, it came out so far Normal color (purple).
    This time I was little changed the design. The starry sky of dawn to the image, it is studded with seven-star auspicious.
    I was able not tint the glass of the three layers to successfully Taking advantage was now.
    Shape, gentle curve that is easy to fit in one fastest.
    Beer and sake, wine, shochu, brandy, juice.
    Glass will change the face by what pour.
    Especially since the glass is outside both scraped inside, when poured beer and Japan to liquor, etc., beer is even more delicious than now decided bubble delicate, sake and the like will be more mellow.
    Please for the hand, to touch, to look at, the Nde pleasure, is happy if I had you in drunk.
    You can use it to wedding gift or gift.
    Origin / production method
    Origin Japan handmade
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Dawn mud star cat grass

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