Vintage bijoux necklace vintage necklace <MS-RB8>

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Vintage bijoux necklace vintage necklace &lt;MS-RB8&gt;


The necklace flower embossing on dead stock of mesh chain carved, decorated with vintage bijoux luxury.

Chain, the 1960s and 1970s of the West German (West Germany at the time) vintage valuable thing. Bijou vintage glass of the 1970s Czechoslovakia (at the time). Each one handmade We carefully finished.

A simple dress, glamorous in a single necklace. It is perfect for the party scene. Denim etc to sweat ..., Come in casual style.

Because the point of a using vintage parts, there is no plan of stock. Please welcome to you by all means if you feel the encounter.

★ is the sale of the necklace, one point (see picture) ★
Bijou: Aurora Green × Black × Purple

size: total length about 43.5cm + adjuster 5cm
material: Brass (brass), glass

It will be delivered in courier.

※ The work is there are times when it is exhibited in other shops. Therefore, by now only one point product even if it is not a relation on the update timing "SOLD OUT", there are times when it is sold out. Excuse me very much, but when humbly thank you can beforehand please understand that it will charge to consider it as refund correspondence.

※ commodity shipping is, we have done once a week. Therefore, the date of your order, also by congestion of orders, you might get time of about 10 days to deliver (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).

**Notes at the time of the purchase**

★ I will sure to read the following before you purchase, please check the contents ★
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

▼ about payment ▼
Since the case of it is not your order after a week or more after even if the payment will be canceled by the buyer convenience, please be sure if the payment is late.

▼ About the product image ▼
Color of the product, it may look different depending on the setting and type of monitor you can see. That it is not able to hear the returned goods by the image difference etc., please understand.

★ If there is a point to be worried about, please feel free to contact us.

▼ For vintage ▼
The vintage parts itself, some of the discoloration associated with aging, scrub, but there are times when small scratch etc. is seen, we have captured as an attractive of all vintage to it, including. You understand the characteristics of the vintage, please enjoy the precious encounter.

▼ Precautions ▼
Delicate vintage parts, we have fabricated joining one by one by hand. The addition of excessive force or pull strongly, there is a risk of damage. Please pay attention to handling.

※ Since the sweat or cosmetics and hair dressing can cause discoloration, the day that has been worn by the day, please keep from wiping with a soft cloth.

※ strong friction, it might be tarnished by a long period of time of flooding, and the like. If it is like touching the sports and water, please remove sure.

▼ For material ▼
The material contains a brass-plated. With respect to the purchase and use, please give me a judgment at your own risk. If you have a metal allergy will excuse me, please refrain from use.

▼ about sending ▼
Shipment of the product, we have carried out once a week. Therefore, the date of your order, also by congestion of orders, you might get time of about 10 days to deliver (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).

※ mis-delivery, also by any chance, if there is a defect in the product, please contact us by e-mail within three days after goods arrival.

※ goods that do not apply to defective items, goods older than five days after arrival, commodity that became your use even once, products that corruption in the customer's responsibility after the delivery has occurred, concerning products, etc. that have been returned without contact us , you do not hear returned goods. Please note.


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